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For Permanent and Contract in Belgium

    Ref: RF313579_1608651644

    Senior Data Architect/Engineer AWS


    • Negotiable
    • Architect Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description





    You have practical hands-on experience in large scale implementations of related projects, and you can advise a customer on the best architecture choices. You should demonstrate experience in some of the following areas:

    * Data Warehousing approaches and methodologies (Inmon, Kimbal, etc)
    * Business Intelligence traditional landscapes, tools and technologies, constraints and limitations, typical pitfalls, and attentions points
    * Data Lake and Big Data approaches architectures, NoSQL platforms, typical use cases and limitations, tools and ecosystems
    * Real-time data ingestion and Analytics
    * Data visualization tools and techniques
    * You have a positive attitude, and at least 6 years of hands on experience with data related architects and solutions
    * You are bilingual (French or Dutch + English)
    * You are familiar with complex environments and work well with limited supervision, alone or as part of a team
    * Innovation comes naturally to you, you stay in touch with the latest technological trends.

    Deep knowledge of the latest evolution, technologies and services of AWS cloud platform, with a focus on Managed Services for data and analytics. The company will provide guidance and training on this area.


    You will provide guidance in implementing large scale data platforms in the Cloud. From the identification of the best Cloud services to the correct implementation of tools and methods for collecting, integrating and leveraging data, you will be able to advise our customers with a high level of seniority and professionalism.

    You will support the pre-sales cycle, understand business requirements and define the technological and business data vision and roadmap with our customers.

    You will help with the development of the Cloud & Data practice by coaching junior consultants and proposing new approaches, solutions or tools.

    Don't hesitate to contact me at or +31 20 241 8533.

    Ref: RF14344739_1608651661

    AWS Java Software Engineer


    • Negotiable
    • DevOps Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Role: Java Software Engineer

    Office location: Antwerp, In-house role, day remote, Vendor Company.

    They are a well-funded start-up with a solid B2B business use case that targets companies with large fleets and that are already using fleet management devices and software. They try to integrate with as many providers of such services as possible, to be able to connect as many fleets as possible.

    One of my favourite companies to recruit for, the technologies they use can summarize as: Java, Scala, Akka, Postgres, Postgis, AWS (ECS, AWS EB, SQS, S3) Spring Boot, Feign, Hystrix, Prometheus, continuous builds using bitbucket, Maven, SBT. Experience with other distributed computing tools (Kakfa, VertX, Kinesis, etc) is relevant. In terms of attitude, they are happy to welcome in the team autonomous, no nonsense, team players.

    Their goal is to build a stable team to support an online service. The team is composed of one front-end dev, one full stack mobile app dev, one product owner/dev, one devops, two back-end dev and one tech lead. The team atmosphere can be described as collaborative, horizontal, persevering but laid back, and at times a bit silly. Working hours are flexible in the limit of team coherence, they work one day from home. Once in a while they try to go out for a team activity: lunch, or dinner and some drinks, if you are so inclined.

    Don't hesitate to contact me at: or +31202418533.

    Ref: SDEAAW251120_1606323307

    Senior Data & Architect - AWS Partner - Belgium - 6500€

    Belgium, Brussels

    • 5500 to 6500 EUR
    • Architect Role
    • Skills: Spark, Python, Scala, Kafka, AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Confulent, Java, SQL
    • Seniority: Senior

    Job description

    Senior Data Engineer/Architect

    AWS Partner Network

    Brussels & Antwerp

    6500€ gross/month

    Job Description

    We are looking for pragmatic Senior Data Engineer with Architecture virtues who also has extensive Cloud & DevOps experience to join our team and help in the most high-level serverless data lake implementation on AWS and/or Azure in Belgium. The ideal candidate has a decade of experience in relevant roles.

    As the company is in a scale-up phase, your actions will definitely make an impact and you can easily be considered a team / tech lead. The ideal candidate is not just technical, but also has the adequate soft skills - leadership and communication - as he/she will be the trusted consultant on the clients' site.

    The company believes in a healthy work-life balance, therefore you can expect a flexible open-minded environment and working under exceptional leadership.

    Role & Responsibilities

    * In a nutshell, implement complex and large scale data projects, collect, parse, manage, analyze and visualize large data sets.
    * Turn raw data into insights using multiple toolsets, techniques and cloud based platforms (see below for details)

    Skills & Qualifications

    Overall, ideally, in the best case scenario, we need someone who has 10+ years of experience with relevant skills and technologies. However, if you believe you are awesome, please don't get discouraged from the number 10 and still apply!!!

    * Big data technologies like Spark, Python, Scala, Kafka
    * Cloud - We use AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Confulent
    * Linux, you can't get the job properly done without strong Linux.
    * You know what are the best practices in software development and you have a deep knowledge and understanding, yes these are two different things, of Java and SQL.
    * You speak fluent English AND either French or Dutch.


    * Salary of 6500€ gross/month + the following:
    * Lease Car & BeNeLux fuel card
    * Meal Allowance
    * Net representation fee
    * Personalized training plan and a budget to register for the training courses you need
    * Laptop (MacBook) and Smartphone
    * Health & Pension Plan


    The one and only recruitment consultancy that is also an AWS Advanced Partner, Jefferson Frank International. Contact the consultant you all know and love, Pavlos Diamantopoulos, at or Better Call Paul at +3228081878

    Ref: FrTechLead310720_1596204549

    Frontend Tech-Lead - SaaS - Flemish Brabant - 60k+

    Belgium, Brussels

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Javascript, React, Frontend, Tech-Lead
    • Seniority: Senior

    Job description

    Frontend Tech-Lead


    (Office-Based) SaaS Platform

    Flemish Brabant

    Up to 60000+ euros/year

    The company

    This organization, located 20 kilometres east of Brussels, is a proven market leader in the industry of digital media. They develop an analytics SaaS platform that offers higher quality and precision than Google Analytics and works with some great names in the industry like. Google has actually recognized their product and granted them funding twice! And the digital editions that are downloaded by their users each month reach the eight million!

    Innovation is a synonym of their success, as they were one of the first companies ever to have a media-related app in Belgium. They have a very dynamic culture, where everybody has room for experiment and innovation. Nowadays, not only they're creating apps from scratch but they have also started developing A.I products to be ahead of the market changes.

    The role

    As a Frontend Tech Lead with experience in React, your focus will be on coaching and guiding a team of 5 developers so the product development will be running smoothly, with a focus on quality.

    Must have

    * Professional experience with Javascript and React (strong plus for React Native);
    * Strong communication skills and the ability to coach others

    Why join them?

    To be part of a team where…

    * Everybody can make an impact and discuss their ideas directly with the CEO;
    * Everybody works together with a common goal in mind which succeeds every single year;

    … and because you'll get the opportunity to…

    * Join them in their healthiest phase now that they're expanding internationally and launching a new product;
    * Do a meaningful step up in your career and become a Lead;

    What you get

    * Competitive gross salary and additional monthly net expenses
    * A company car, phone & internet subscription
    * One-day remote work per week guaranteed
    * Yearly bonuses

    Contact me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos, at for more details!

    Ref: CLNA150820_1597495135

    Serverless Developer - Modern Serverless Magic

    Belgium, Brussels

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Java, Python, Node, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Lambda, Azure Functions, Docker, Kubernetes, Dutch, English
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Serverless Developer

    Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent
    Permanent Contract

    We are looking for skilled and thirsty for success Developer to join an amazing team of Cloud and Software development specialists in the areas of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. These are the location where most of their projects take place so there is enough flexibility with the working locations.

    The company consists of Cloud Specialists and Software Developers who are aiming at building and providing high-quality cloud native applications. They do both in-house projects and consultancy based projects, while the focus is on designing and developing scalable and cost effective solutions by combining the powers of cloud and software. Their favourite programming languages are Java, Python and Node.js, whilst they love all the clouds, AWS, Azure and Google, with a preference, however, in AWS.

    You will always work with the latest technologies and tools in the market and you should be able to take care of automation and the early responsibilities that will be given to you and grow into a real expert cloud developer. Imagine how much you will grow professionally as well and increase your market value in a relatively short time!

    Last but not least, you will be part of a flat and open-minded culture where everything is direct and clear, with no room for micropolitics and bureaucracy.

    The essential requirements for one of the role are:
    * Experience with backend dev languages, either Java, Python or Node.js
    * Experience with Public Cloud providers, mainly AWS but also open to Azure/GCP. Big focus on Serverless technologies, like Lambda or Azure Functions
    * Good to have already worked with Kubernetes & Docker
    * Must be fluent in both Dutch and English

    Soft Skills:
    * A social and communicative character
    * A creative and accuracy-focused way of working
    * A result-oriented and thirsty to succeed professional

    What they will offer you:
    * You get to work in an open and informal environment with flat hierarchy
    * You get access to training and high level certifications
    * A high-tech laptop of your choice, including a Macbook
    * Team-building activities and social events, including tech meet-ups, seminars, participation in EXPOs and more. Last year they went to Vegas for the AWSre:invent!
    * A competitive monthly net salary figure, tailored to your skills and experience. We know that it's tricky to discuss gross salary in Belgium, so you tell us your net expectations and we will aim at getting this for you.
    * Company car and fuel card, premium brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc
    * Phone and Internet subscription
    * Health & Group Insurance

    Interviews are taking place and the focus is on quality, so if you feel prepared to take your career to the next level by doing modern serverless magic, feel free to contact me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos at or Better Call Paul at +3228081878

    There is a two-interview process and then boom, an offer lands in your inbox! I'm looking
    forward to hearing from you!

    Ref: AWSBDEB040920_1599232432

    Big Data Engineer - AWS Premier Partner - Brussels & Antwerp

    Belgium, Antwerp

    • Negotiable
    • Engineer Role
    • Skills: Apache Hadoop, Spark, Docker, CI/CD, Java, Scala, Python, Pandas
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    AWS Big Data Engineer

    AWS Premier Partner


    Antwerp Ghent Limburg

    The Company
    With consisted, targeted and quality growth, this prestigious AWS Premier Partner went from 3 people to 30 during the last 6 years since they started. Currently, all together they count in total more than 100 AWS Certifications, they work with more than 100 different clients in every possible industry and they are one of the most active organizations when it comes to organizing Events, Meet-ups and Community Days.

    They use the best and most modern Cloud technologies to deliver highly available and scalable resources to their clients, and they provide expertise in multiple areas like DevOps, Cloud, Security, Big Data and Architecture. Everything while always using Agile flexible methodologies for any type of project or business environment, no matter the scale or complexity.

    The Roles

    * AWS DevOps Engineer/Architect
    * AWS Big Data Engineer/Architect
    * AWS Tech Lead

    For the Big Data role, we're looking for someone who enjoys working with Datalakes, Data Warehousing, Big Data processing, real-time analytics and more. You get the point.

    Don't expect to read a job description here. The company has more than 100 clients and each one has different requirements. What do you want to do? You can do it if you join them.

    * You will be flexible to choose the project you prefer, so you can work with the tools and technologies of your choice, in an end-client located close to where you live. Most of the clients are in the regions of Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, whilst there are many opportunities in the Flemish Brabant and the Limburg region.
    * Depending on how you want to develop your career, you choose the type of project. There are multiple opportunities to work with IaC, SaaS, Big Data, Security and more.

    Skills & Qualifications

    For the Big Data Position:

    * You have experience with some main AWS services like Lambda functions, Athena, EMR, Redshift, ElasticSearch, Lake Formation, Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, S3, Glue.
    * You've worked with some of the following tools Apache Hadoop, Spark, Docker, CI/CD
    * You are good with one of the Java / Scala / Python

    * Most important of all the above: You need to be a good cultural fit. That's a motivated and career-driven individual who can work in an entrepreneurial environment, surrounded by highly-skilled colleagues who always come up with innovative ideas.
    * You must be fluent in Dutch or French + English.

    * You're joining one of the best and most reputable AWS Partner in Belgium.

    * You're going to get broad industry experience, expand your network rapidly and participate first in the hottest community events.

    * You'll get personalized training and certification in any AWS module you choose. In many of them. Even all of them if you can!

    * A competitive gross salary and all the benefits on top of that - Lease Car & Fuel Card, Smartphone, Laptop, Health & Group Insurance, Work at home possibilities, and all the standards based on the Belgian law.

    Sounds good? It's true. Contact me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos, at for a free consultation and we can discuss more details together or Better Call Paul at +3228081878

    Ref: SSEJP071220_1607354065

    Senior Software Engineer - Java & Python - Product - 80000€

    Belgium, Antwerp

    • 70000 to 80000 EUR
    • Engineer Role
    • Skills: Java, Python, Node.js, AWS, Docker, Kafka, NoSQL, CICD
    • Seniority: Senior

    Job description

    Senior Software Engineer

    In-House Product Development

    Antwerp Area

    €70000 - €80000

    This organization specializes in making the lives of people better. First, they created an amazing product that revolutionized the driving experience for millions of drivers globally. Now, they are launching a new product which is a global services platform that aims at bringing together like-minded people who share the same passions.

    So, if you want to be part of something new, something great and something lucrative, this is your chance.

    Soft Skills Requirements

    Being a good cultural fit is more important than being a good technical fit, that's why the Soft Skills are above the Hard Skills here. As you'll be part of an international team with a strong work ethic, you're expected to have the virtues of grit, integrity, and respect. You're also motivated, eager to improve yourself and help your team become better too with your creative mind and your energetic mentality.

    You need to be a passionate person who genuinely wants to be part of something new with a great potential.

    Technical Requirements

    * You have an academic degree (BSc or MSc) in computer science or a related field.
    * Extensive experience with Java (deep programming skiils) and its libraries and tools for code quality checking, building, testing etc.
    * Good experience with Python.
    * Experience with setting up CI/CD pipelines.
    * Experience Git version control.
    * Experience with relational databases and SQL/NoSQL.

    Big Bonus Points

    * You've worked with distributed computation frameworks (Kafka, Spark, Hadoop ecosystem).
    * Experience with Docker.
    * Experience with Linux.
    * Programming skills with Node.js.

    Salary, Benefits & Allowances

    In addition to the opportunity to join an international team of specialists that manage to maintain a start-up mentality in their modern office, you may also expect an agile and flat company culture, full of growth opportunities, free coffee, and lots of food. Also, the following:

    Yearly gross salary up to, approximately, €75000 - 80000€, depends on your seniority level. On top of this salary, you get the following:

    * Monthly representation allowance of €100 - €200 net.
    * Meal Vouchers (8€/day) & Eco Vouchers (250€/year)
    * Laptop & Smart Phone + Internet subscription (50€/month)
    * Mobility allowance or a company car. Most likely you get a mobility allowance because it's an in-house role but car is also provided in some cases.
    * 26 paid holidays plus the extra ADV holidays (+10/year) come on top of these 20 days offered by the company.
    * Monthly phone subscription.
    * Health & Group Insurance.
    * Possibility for a bonus and stock options.

    Application Process

    Reach out to me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos for a guaranteed interview with the hiring managers. I'll help you build a strong application and go all the way to the end and the employment offer. There are some questions provided by the company that need to be answered as part of the screening process that will determine whether or not you'll be invited. Better Call Paul at +32 2 808 1878 or write to my email at