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SaaS AWS Cloud Architect

Belgium, Limburg

  • €75,000 to €90,000 EUR
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: Architecture, AWS, SAAS, Kubernetes, Java, CI/CD, DevOps
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description


AWS SaaS Cloud Architect

Up to 6000 €

Innovative Product Development Company

3 x Remote



The client is a company who started as a start-up almost 15 years ago, and currently is a fully established and successful company that develops a software product, which is considered unique, very advanced and extremely innovative. The software is being used by the client's customers, who are giants of the industries they're working on, and they're spread around the world, proving that the product has an international reach because of its advanced efficiency and quality. To give you an example, the company's client portfolio includes names like Eni, Total, Pfizer, WaterNet, Solvay, AkzoNobel, Evonik and many, many more!

About their product, let's just say that it's a unique and very advanced software, that is utilizing Data and Analytics in order to help the client optimize their whole process and operations, track and trace problems, while preventing and predicting future malfunctions. Apart from that, the product is offering many more services to the companies using it, services that can be vital and game changing for the clients. If you really want to work in a product that is making an impact being unique, this might be your chance!

The role and responsibilities

The client is looking for an AWS SaaS Cloud Architect with AWS experience to join them and lead the whole deployment of the product to AWS. Ideally, the person who joins should have previous experience in a SaaS environment, being aware of the challenges that might appear in the process, knowing how to prevent and tackle them. A candidate who's a great fit, should be collaborative, willing to work with different teams and translate the business requirements into the right technical approach. On top of this, you'll also design the Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring its scalability & reliability while making sure the requirements of the SaaS application are met. The most important is to have the right mindset and be a good cultural fit, because the company wants to bring collaborative people onboard, who match the culture of the team. The ideal candidate should have solid knowledge and experience in DevOps and Cloud related tasks, as well as a proven experience in AWS Architecture. The client is very open-minded as a company and they're encouraging people to voice their opinion, and give their suggestions in new tools and approaches.

Apart from the hard skills, the company values 3 things a lot, so the newcomers should demonstrate:

Good communication skills, Learning Agility and Proactiveness.

The right person will be able to demonstrate

* At least 3 years of hands on experience in a Cloud Architect role. You don't necessarily need to have this title, as long as you have experience in Cloud Architecture, specifically in
* Knowledge and experience in Kubernetes is important, as the company is using it a lot.
* Previous experience as a Cloud/DevOps Engineer will be valued, and knowledge in Configuration Automation, Orchestration, Containers and CI/CD tools.
* Previous experience in a SaaS
* Result driven, positive and collaborative mindset.
* Fluency in English
* Experience/knowledge in Java will be a big plus, as the product is developed in Java.
* Willingness to stay in a company for the long term.
* Willingness to be part of a unique company with a very popular product.
* Trustful and honest character who wants to actively contribute to what the company is doing.

What you should expect

The client has a people-first policy. They understand that everyone has their own lives and they're very flexible to make adjustments, in case you have something personal to do for example. If you need to pick up your kids from school, take someone to the doctor or if anything urgent appears, you don't need to worry, as the company cares about your work-life balance. Apart from that, you should expect:

* Base salary of up to €6000 gross/month, tailored to your level of experience. If you're more experienced than the company needs and you bring the right mindset, there's room for discussion.
* Company car and fully paid fuel card for Belgium.
* Vacation allowance.
* A great room for personal growth with frequent performance reviews. The candidate will be able to grow further in the ladder.
* A monthly net allowance
* Meal vouchers of around 150€/month.
* Flexible work hours.
* Budget for training in soft and hard skills.
* 32 days of holidays.
* 3 days remote/week. If you prefer to have less remote , this is also an option of course.
* Flat culture/structure, no micromanagement and open communication is the core of their business.

Sounds good? If this sounds good to you, contact me, Yorgos Christofakakis directly on LinkedIn or send

me an email to g.christofakakis@jeffersonfrank.com and I'll be glad to give you more details.

AWS Architect

Spain, Madrid

  • €60,000 to €70,000 EUR
  • Architect Role
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Estamos buscando un arquitecto de nube AWS altamente motivado y experimentado para unirse al equipo técnico de una startup en proceso de expansión. El candidato/a ideal tendrá experiencia en diseño, implementación y mantenimiento de soluciones en la nube utilizando tecnologías AWS.


* Diseño de Arquitectura: Diseño y creación de arquitecturas de soluciones en la nube utilizando servicios de AWS según los requisitos del proyecto y las mejores prácticas.
* Implementación y Despliegue: Configurar infraestructuras de nube utilizando herramientas de automatización como AWS CloudFormation o Terraform.
* Optimización de Rendimiento: Identificar y resolver problemas en entornos de nube, optimizando recursos para mejorar la eficiencia y reducir costos.
* Seguridad y Cumplimiento: Implementar medidas de seguridad y cumplimiento, siguiendo estándares y prácticas recomendadas de AWS.
* Monitoreo, Mantenimiento, Colaboración y Soporte: Trabajar en estrecha colaboración con otros equipos de desarrollo, operaciones y seguridad para garantizar la integridad y disponibilidad de las soluciones en la nube.


* ingenieria Informática, Telecomunicaciones o similar
* Experiencia comprobada como arquitecto de nube AWS o en roles similares.
* Conocimientos de servicios clave de AWS como EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, IAM, entre otros.
* Experiencia en diseño de redes en la nube, seguridad y cumplimiento.
* Familiaridad con herramientas de automatización como AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, etc.
* Certificaciones AWS como AWS Certified Solutions Architect serán valoradas.
* Habilidades de comunicación efectiva y capacidad para trabajar en equipo.


* Contrato Indefinido
* Salario entre 60.000 - 70.000€ en función de experiencia
* Plan de Carrera
* Horario flexible y modalidad mixta remoto/presencial 50-50%

Integration Architect

Belgium, Flemish Brabant, Overijse

  • €75,000 to €80,000 EUR
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: AWS, Azure, Integration
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Integration Architect

Competitive salary tailored to experience

Leading Manufacturing company

2-3 x Remote



The client is a pioneer company in Industrial Manufacturing, with presence in 70 countries and a rich history of more than 150 years; a company that shaped a whole industry, becoming market leaders in the field! The organization invests significantly in its customers, their environment, and most importantly, its employees. This approach creates a stimulating environment for daily development of skills. Additionally, and despite their large size, they have managed to build a family-friendly working atmosphere allows flexible schedule planning, ensuring a harmonious balance between work and personal life. They are separated in different divisions, and each division is able to act independently and fast, avoiding the bureaucracy that you would normally expect from companies of that scale!

The role and responsibilities

In Belgium, they have built an innovative IoT Department that built an IoT Platform(Dashboard) where all the devices of their customers are connected and monitored. Their complex IoT Platform is handling a lot of Data, constantly evolving and getting improved to stay ahead of the competition, like the company.

Currently, they are looking for an Integration Architect(IoT) to join them and help with the complex integrations of their customers to the platform. A candidate who's a great fit should be collaborative, willing to work with different teams while demonstrating great analytical skills. On top of that, in an ideal scenario, he/she needs to have knowledge in various fields like Enterprise Architecture, Software development and testing, Ops and Monitoring while possessing affinity with Cloud Application development and APIs. If you're bringing experience with IoT too, this would be a great plus and you should consider yourself like an ideal fit! The position comes with a big amount of responsibility. The person who'll join will be the main point of contact for cross-platform integrations, being able to closely collaborate with different teams, speak to different stakeholders, while designing and implementing complex integrations in a cloud and on-premise environment.

The right person will be able to demonstrate

* Extensive experience with complex Integrations, designing and implementing them.
* Knowledge and experience with Public Cloud and On-premise environments.
* Understanding in Ops & Monitoring, Software Development & Testing and Architecture on an Enterprise level.
* Affinity with IoT and experience with it, is considered as a great plus!
* Great analytical and communication skills.
* Fluency in English
* Experience with REST APIs, Kafka or Event Hub, able to work with big amounts of Data.
* Eagerness to learn and step up.
* Willingness to be part of a market leading company , who's a pioneer in their industry.

What you should expect

* A competitive base salary tailored to your level of experience.
* Possibility of leasing an electric company car with charging card, by exchanging a part of your gross salary
* Vacation allowance.
* A great room for personal growth with frequent performance reviews.
* A monthly net allowance.
* Meal vouchers.
* Flexible work hours.
* 32 days of holidays.
* 2-3 days remote/week. If you prefer to have less remote , this is also an option of course.
* Flat culture/structure, no micromanagement and open communication is the core of their business.

Sounds good? If this sounds good to you, contact me, Yorgos Christofakakis directly on LinkedIn or send me an email to g.christofakakis@jeffersonfrank.com and I'll be glad to give you more details.

Azure Cloud Architect - Brussels - Finance - Hybrid

Belgium, Brussels

  • €5,000 to €6,000 EUR
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Professional Cloud Architect
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Azure Cloud Architect

Hybrid Work

Start-up inhouse consultancy


Company: The client is a start-up company that is backed by a very successful and popular organization with presence in many different countries. This start-up is a niche specialist in Finance projects, aiming to hand-pick and hire the best talent in Cloud, Software, DevOps and Data Engineering, in order to build a skilled international engineering team.

Location: The company is located in Brussels and they're doing everything in-house, from their office. They're also offering hybrid work with 2-3 days remote.

Salary: If you're a good fit with the right mindset, salary won't be an issue and the client will be happy to pay anyone according to their value.

Other Benefits: All the standard benefits & allowances offered in Belgium, and a lots of remote flexibility. Company car, fuel card, mobile with data plan, meal vouchers, expense allowances stakeholder pension scheme, hospitalization insurance, health insurance

Key Skills

* Fluency in Dutch/French and English. If you have lots of experience and you're not speaking French or Dutch on a good level, the company will be open to meet you.
* Experience of, at least, 3 to 5 years in Cloud Architect roles, together with Cloud Certifications (Azure/AWS/GCP). The client prefers Azure, but if you have deep experiene in AWS/GCP and you want to work with Azure, don't hesitate!
* Knowledge and previous experience in best DevOps Practices and DevOps/Cloud Engineering tools and technologies like CI/CD, Kubernetes, Containers, Scripting, Configuration/Automation. .Net/Java knowledge would also be a big plus to have.

Role & Requirements

You'll be one of the main point of contacts in consulting the client about cloud architecture and technical strategy, to reach their goals. In your role, you'll be assisting customers to adopt and implement the best Cloud Architecture & strategy to transform and evolve their environment, according to their needs. Your proven experience and knowledge in DevOps Practices and Cloud Architecture will play a crucial role in understanding what is the best approach/design for each client. You'll assist the clients in shaping the best technical quality, adapting the right engineering mindset and approach.

* Experience of, at least, 3 to 5 years in Cloud Architect roles, together with Cloud Certifications (Azure/AWS/GCP).
* Customer facing with experience in leading deep technical architecture and application design discussions around cloud deployment. Presentation skills are quite handy too.
* Proven professional experience with Azure Cloud, including proper understanding of the DevOps philosophy (incl. automation, CICD..) and IaC (Terraform or else). We expect you to have proper scripting skills (Python or Powershell).
* You have worked with Containers and, ideally, Kubernetes.
* Experience with .Net is a big plus


Yorgos Christofakakis at g.christofakakis@jeffersonfrank.com with your updated CV to discuss and give you all the details over the phone!

AWS Data Architect

USA, Florida, West Palm Beach

  • Negotiable
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: Amazon Glue, Amazon Lake Formation, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, ETL, MongoDB Opensource, Python, Scrum, Data Lake, Data Warehousing
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Job Description

The role requires expertise in Data Warehouse/Data Lake platforms, relational, and NoSQL databases, along with big data skills. Responsibilities involve building and improving data platforms, collection systems, and processing pipelines. Tasks include coordinating development efforts across platforms and data integration between systems.

Role & Responsibilities

* Coding to create solutions, prototypes, and contribute to development work
* Designing, building, moving, and stabilizing Data Warehouse/Data Lake platforms
* Analyzing different types of data to optimize relevant information
* Ensuring coordination between engineering and analytical tasks
* Improving platform performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting
* Guiding team members on data optimization, code deployment, and query enhancement tasks

Desired Skills & Qualifications

* Professional expertise in developing backend systems, SQL, and data modeling
* Hands-on coding skills and knowledge of database technologies such as Amazon Redshift and MongoDB Opensource
* Proficiency in Python scripting and experience with ETL processes using Amazon Glue
* Familiarity with building and optimizing Data Warehouse/Data Lake platforms like Amazon S3 and Amazon Lake Formation
* Experience with ETL tools, cloud-based data solutions, and various types of databases
* Knowledge in dimensional modeling, scripting languages, and OLTP database solutions
* Experience managing the entire lifecycle of data engineering projects using Scrum methodology
* Effective communication skills and familiarity with Agile or Lean Software Development
* Self-motivated with strong project management abilities


* A fantastic work environment that encourages empowerment, meaningful contributions, and continuous learning.
* Flexible time-off policy
* Comprehensive benefits package, (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance)
* Company-matched 401(k) retirement savings plan


Enterprise Architect - Infrastructure

USA, Florida, Miramar

  • Full Benefits, Hybrid Schedule, High Bonus Potential
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: Azure, TOGAF, Enterprise Architecture, Data Center, Infrastructure, Automation, Agile, Monitoring, Containerization
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

The Enterprise Architect will:

* Create and implement technology solutions that meet business needs
* Develop and maintain the infrastructure, including data storage, network connectivity, and cloud computing capabilities
* Work closely with business leaders to define project requirements and ensure alignment with business goals
* Establish and enforce guidelines for cloud computing, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards
* Balance technology spending to achieve optimal performance and quality
* Supervise and guide a team of technical experts
* Research and evaluate technology vendors and options
* Conduct regular assessments to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for growth
* Document and maintain up-to-date information on cloud and infrastructure architectures.

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

* Strong understanding of cloud computing platforms, Azure being the preference
* Proficiency in infrastructure design and architecture (data center, network, storage)
* Familiarity with cloud governance standards and regulations
* Knowledge of IT service management frameworks
* Experience with architecture modeling tools
* Proven experience in designing and delivering high-velocity architecture solutions
* Proven experience in leading a team of technical experts
* Strong leadership and communication skills
* Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities
* Ability to analyze complex technical problems and develop solutions
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
* Experience with conducting assessments and providing recommendations for improvement
* Relevant certifications such as TOGAF, AWS Certified Architect, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, etc.

Solution Architect Dynamics 365 Retail

Poland, Masovia, Warsaw

  • Negotiable
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: az, x++, dynamics 365, finance and operations, architect
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Solution Architect Dynamics 365 FO POS/Retail

Location: Warsaw

Our Client is a the global retail company, with many years of presence across Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Currently they are looking to employ an AX/365 Solution Architect who will join their international technical team in Warsaw and will work on their further rollout projects across all global branches

Principal Accountabilities

* Advise on best practice within the functional areas of the relevant work stream/modules
* Validation of relevant project documentation including Fit Gap Lists, Functional Requirements Documents, Functional Solution Documents, Process Maps
* Advise on configuration of master data, parameters and support tables
* Support super users with testing (process, integration, regression, acceptance)
* Liaise with external service providers on issues relevant to the work stream
* Help coordinate cross-functional requirements
* Assist in design and review of change requests
* Participate in Business Process Owners Network for relevant area(s) of expertise


* good knowledge od Dynamics AX and 365FO
* working exerience of POS (Point of Sales) in Dynamics 365 FO
* Experience in design and architecture of AX/D365
* Business requirements analysis
* Design, configuration, implementation, integration knowledge
* Understanding of architecture in global / international structures
* Excellent knowledge of SQL
* Very good knowledge and understanding of technical issues (development background an asset)
* ability to choose the best architectural solutions and ability to justify their accuracy (how to do something & for what purpose?), "Helicopter view"
* AX/D365 implementation experience, ideally in the retail sector
* Fluent English is a must

What we offer

* Projects in various business domains delivered worldwide
* Professional growth and development through certified training programs and knowledge sharing
* Competitive salary
* Large variety of other benefits and sports events

Nigel Frank International is the global leading Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment firm, providing the most Dynamics/Dynamics AX opportunities within the global market. Dealing with both Microsoft Gold Partners and End Users, our specific Microsoft Dynamics AX team specialise in the highest amount of exclusive live roles within the global market, enabling us to match your requirements with a broad range of exciting opportunities. Our client relationships have been built up through our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, with clients using our service time and again for the best experience within the Dynamics AX market.

To discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail please contact me by phone on my direct line 004822 3975127 or a.zawadzka@nigelfrank.com

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Architect

Republic of Ireland, Dublin

  • €75,000 to €85,000 EUR
  • Architect Role
  • Skills: Data Engineering, Teradata, banking, architecture, data warehousing, data warehouse
  • Seniority: Senior

Job description

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Architect - Dublin - 75,000 - 85,000 euros

FRG Data are working with a well esteemed Financial Services Group in Ireland who are on a digital first transformation journey.

They are looking for experienced data warehouse solution Architects highly experienced in a number of technologies on premise and cloud, this role will sit above highly experienced Engineering teams.

Required Experience:


Designing solutions for data warehouse & data lake projects and programmes working in complex, multi-vendor change delivery organisations.

You have a continuous improvement and innovative attitude and the ability to work independently with minimal guidance

You have data/data-warehousing knowledge and experience particularly on the Teradata EDW platform or similar technology.

You are experienced in modern engineering practices and technologies and Informatica and data architecture.


* Accountable for delivering effective solution designs within the Bank's EDW / EDL platforms
* Design end-to-end data warehouse solutions to meet business needs within the context of a broader solution implementation
* Contributor to overall solution planning, providing input into the estimation process as well as highlighting technical risks, issues and assumptions
* Produce required design artefacts. Work with the business and programmes to help refine their data requirements. Present to the Bank's Architecture Review Board when necessary
* Engage with key collaborators in the Group Data Office and across the business and provide support to and engage with non-factory solution architects on change initiatives
* Support the delivery lead to break down the solution so that it can be delivered iteratively in sprints
* Support other engineering functions within data solutions, including mapping, build, test and release

Please apply below with your CV for more details and a confidential discussion, interviews commencing immediately.

Candidates must be eligibile to work and be based in Republic of Ireland, please do not apply if you are not.