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For CDI In Espoo

    Senior Network Engineer

    Finland, Espoo

    • Up to €6,000 EUR
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    Position: Senior Network Engineer (5+ years)

    Location: Helsinki

    Salary: 5500EUR/mth + with benefits and 10%+ annual bonus (performance based)

    English Speaking

    Our client is looking to hire sometone with significant expertise in Network Management, particularly in the realm of traffic parsing, emphasizing its critical and pivotal role. The ideal candidate should possess adept logic handling skills. Proficiency in developing cross-platform libraries is paramount, with a primary focus on C++ and Rust. The strategic inclination towards utilizing Rust presents substantial greenfield opportunities for the selected individual.

    Demonstrated high-level proficiency in C is imperative, given its prevalence in the current codebase. Furthermore, a forward-looking perspective is crucial, as the organization is poised to adopt Rust extensively in addressing security and performance concerns in future endeavors. The prospective Engineer will play a pivotal role in contributing to the development of a key application, making prior experience with Mobile Applications a significant advantage in the selection process.

    Required Skills And Experience
    * Proven experience of networking software development and optimization experience.
    * Proficiency in C/C++, assembly language and scripting languages
    * In-depth knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and concurrent programming.
    * In-depth understanding of computer architecture and operating systems.
    * Good understanding of performance analysis and bottlenecks at the system level.
    * In-depth understanding of L2/L3 network protocols, and Ethernet, TCP/IP, Switching and Routing.
    * Hands on experience in designing, implementing, and debugging data plane networking software.
    * Hands on experience with open-source networking and packet processing projects such as DPDK, ODP, VPP, OVS, eBPF or similar proprietary projects.
    * Experience in distributed version control systems, such as Git.