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For CDI & Freelance In Sweden

    Ref: CPM30/03_1625067292

    Full-stack JavaScript - Teleconferencing


    • 35000 to 60000 SEK
    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    JavaScript engineer- End-To-End encryption in teleconferencing

    When we reflect on the last 12 months, one major new addition to our daily lives is certainly teleconferencing. If we look at the demand for these types of services on a graph, then it would look like a pretty vertical line!

    But if we look deeper, there are two hefty limitations within the existing and most widely used teleconferencing solutions; namely the lack of encryption and identity verification.

    When we consider the fact that those working in legal and medical industries still need to be able to carry out consultations, these two factors become a major concern. Would a legal office really feel comfortable discussing details of a highly sensitive case with someone who they have no way of verifying? Will doctors feel comfortable talking about specific medical conditions if they cannot really be sure it is their patient on the other end of the call?

    If you want to jump in on the ground level of a fast-growing, highly dynamic organisation that is quickly breaking new ground in a heavily populated sector, then this is not one to be missed!

    Role & Responsibilities

    * Take on all responsibilities from development, feature assessment, deployments, to bug fixing and refactors
    * Huge amount of R&D opportunities; as the platform grows and more customer requests come in, it will be down to you to work out what is possible, and to make those request a reality
    * Working closely with Product Owners to develop the most flexible and customisable product possible for the end user

    Skills & Qualifications

    * Strong experience with full-stack JavaScript engineering; Angular and TypeScript being essential
    * Exposure to high-level monitoring solutions is highly beneficial; currently working with Grafana, Kibana
    * Experience of working in lean/agile organisations with a strong commitment to CI/CD is very attractive


    * Highly competitive salary model
    * Standard ITP1 Pension, benefits and insurances
    * Option to trade over-time work for extra vacation days

    Ref: 28062021cw_1624897001

    Full Stack Developer - (Sweden) MUST BE BASED IN SWEDEN


    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    Full Stack Developer - Sweden:

    Location: Flexible as long as you're located in Sweden.

    Start date: July.

    Job Description:

    My client is looking for a Full Stack Developer to work within a small and close-nit development team. My client is based in Stockholm and is investing into their development structure currently, looking to add to their current team to deal with the work demands they currently have and current back log of work. The perfect candidate is one that likes to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

    Role & Responsibilities:

    * Working in a fast paced, agile environment.
    * Being able to deal with scenarios on the spot.
    * Being able to work the full-cycle of the project.
    * Offer guidance to the junior members of the team.

    Skills & Qualifications:

    * Good level of experience in Java is a must.
    * Experience within Java 11 is a bonus.
    * Worked on various TypeScript development projects.
    * Any Front End experience is a bonus (React or Angular).
    * Experience in AWS is a bonus.
    * A detailed knowledge of HTML and CSS.
    * Knowledge of JavaScript and MySQL.

    Does this sound of interest? If so apply to this advert or email me on +46 77 588 86 04 to discuss this further.

    Also, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at:

    #javascript #typescript #fullstack #sweden #contract #consualtant

    Ref: 060920211AM_1630923891

    Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Stockholm


    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Node.JS, Node
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    Are you looking for an exciting new JavaScript role that is FULLY remote? If so, my client could be the perfect opportunity for you.

    As a new platform for safe communication online, this client is at the forefront of innovation and technical ability. This is a great opportunity to join a fast-growing company very early in their development - you would have a great amount of freedom, responsibility and chances to help shape the direction of the company.

    This client is looking for someone with a strong passion for technology with a modern look outlook towards working. As a team they are extremely involved with the technological decisions in the business, and are looking for someone with the drive to jump headfirst into this culture and become a integral member!

    Your role as a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer will have lots of autonomy and the ability to work within a small team allows you to take full responsibility for your work and have full ownership over its successes! You'll be working on primarily green field projects, so you'll never be bored with the work you're doing and there will always be chances to learn new things.

    If you think you are the type of person willing to take risks, explore new tech and have experience in:

    * Node.JS
    * TypeScript
    * Modern JavaScript Frameworks

    Then get in touch at or call +46 8 502 425 75 to learn more!