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For CDI & Freelance In Oslo

    Lead Software Developer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Python, Software Engineer, Cloud, Developer, Lead
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    We are looking for a Lead Developer to join a growing AI SaaS company in Oslo!

    Working for a business which develops AI tools, the products you create will help towards the digital transformation of the food production industry

    The products will help to optimise production & value chains, leading to a more efficient and sustainable industry

    As a niche provider of this technology, the demand is growing, and as a Lead within the team this is a great chance to be a part of the journey. As a senior and leading member of the team, you will work hands-on to further the development of our SaaS products whilst demonstrating quality coding skills and best practice in the engineering environment

    You will report directly to the CTO, and offer contributions towards technical & strategic decisions, giving honest feedback from your team and your experiences to continually improve the solutions we produce and the working environment we create

    You will be responsible for internal projects, coordinating and participating in the technology development, contributing to architecture, methods, and technology choice

    We are looking for you to bring:

    * Competence in writing code in Python
    * Experience in project management or leading teams and mentorship
    * Experience with Cloud Platforms - Azure/AWS/GCP
    * Understanding of data engineering best practices, databases, serverless architectures, DevOps, CI/CD, containers.
    * Understanding of ETL pipeline development using Spark

    What's in it for you?

    This is an opportunity to play a key role in the future of the companies product development, you will have autonomy over your tasks and the ability to grow the team

    Despite the fast-paced working environment, we place a high importance on work-life balance by offering flexitime, hybrid working arrangements, and additional days of vacation to enjoy each year

    Salary is based on experience and there is the addition of a stocks program

    You will also receive all tools required for your role, including mobile phone subscription and broadband at home

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • DevOps Role
    • Skills: Azure, Cloud, DevOps, Terraform, Infrastructure, Automation, IaC
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    We are searching for a cloud infrastructure engineer to join a team in Oslo where you will help to develop, scale and operate an Azure environment

    You will play a part in planning and implementing our cloud architecture & infrastructure across the organisation, having a great impact on the wider development and engineering environment

    You can enjoy a degree of freedom in your tasks and explore areas that may interest you, such as SecOps, DevOps, and the business strategy related to technology

    As part of a small cross-functional team you can enjoy autonomy over your tasks, and the ability to contribute towards technical and strategic decisions at an organisational level

    Your day to day could involve:

    * Managing and expanding our cloud infrastructure
    * Working with Infrastructure-as-Code
    * Following CI/CD best practices using Azure Devops
    * Working with the wider team to ensure cloud services are used in the optimal way
    * Adhering to security best practices and sharing knowledge with the wider teams

    We are looking for you to have some of the following skills & experiences:

    * Strong academic background in IT or Engineering (or equivalent years of experience)
    * Professional experience in establishing and managing cloud infrastructure
    * Experience working with Azure specifically is beneficial, but experience from other cloud providers is also welcomed
    * Experience working with container technology
    * Experience with CI/CD pipelines
    * Good knowledge of cloud security
    * It is beneficial if you have prior experience in development

    What's in it for you?

    An opportunity help revolutionise an industry and be part of a team developing technology products to reduce CO2 emissions and create a greener and more sustainable future

    You will be joining diverse and driven colleagues in a very collaborative environment where you can enjoy the autonomy to do what you do best, whilst seeing how your work directly impacts colleagues

    Flexible working hours - whether you prefer to work early mornings and enjoy your evenings at home, or to have a lie-in and pick up work in the afternoon, there is no judgement from us!

    Hybrid working options with a modern office in Oslo

    Social gatherings to get to know your colleagues outside of work

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Data Engineer (Azure) - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Engineer Role
    • Skills: Data Engineer, Business Intelligence, BI, Power BI, SQL, Python, Azure, ETL
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    We are looking for a Data Engineer with experience in Azure to join the team in Oslo!

    The department is based at intersection between business and technology, where you will work alongside fellow data engineers, as well as analysts and advisors within business & data strategy

    Some of your key responsibilities can include:

    * Building data products & services, and integrating these into systems and business processes
    * Implementing methods to improve data reliability and quality
    * Performing ETL
    * Working alongside analysts within the business to ensure their requirements are met
    * Contributing towards a modern and innovative data environment through knowledge-sharing, mentoring junior colleagues, and bring ideas to discussions

    Some of the technologies you will work with include: Azure Databricks, Data Factory, Logic Apps, SQL, Power BI

    We are looking for you to have at least 3 years of professional experience within data engineering, you should be competent with ETL processes and tools, and have worked with Microsoft Azure

    We hope you are proficient in SQL, and perhaps familiar with Python with experience building data pipelines

    You should have some experience with data visualisation and Power BI, and be familiar with the requirements of data analysts and scientists

    As part of a cross-functional team, we hope that you can bring a curiosity and motivation to build quality, scalable and flexible data infrastructure & processes to assist the organisation and it's customers in becoming more data driven

    A strong academic background in IT/Engineering is nice to have, along with certifications, but equivalent years of experience can compensate

    What's in it for you?

    Among the benefits on offer, you can expect:

    A flexible working environment with options to start your day earlier or finish later depending on your schedule outside of work. There is a hybrid office/home set-up with most colleagues attending the office two days per week

    Enhanced pension and health insurances for your peace of mind, along with all of the equipment required for your role

    There is time for you to learn new tools and technologies which interest you, as well as explore new project areas which appeal to you

    As a team of 20 within business & data, you can expect freedom and ownership over your tasks along with little bureaucracy to see your ideas turn into action quickly

    You will be part of a diverse team from a range of backgrounds, including senior colleagues to share responsibilities with, and more junior members to mentor

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    GO Developer

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Golang, Python PostgreSQL, database, Data pipeline, GCP, Kubernetes
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    Go Developer - 6 months contract (Remote flexibility)

    Fully Remote In the EU

    We are working with client who is in need of a Go Developer to assist with future developments. They use some of the newest tools and technology. Could you be interested in being part of this new team?

    Skills & responsibilities


    Rich development experience 5+ years

    Experience with GCP
    * Experience in Go (Microservice Framework Skills required)

    Experience in container development, orchestration and operations, K8s or GKS

    CI/CD skills required (BitBucket CI/CD), Understanding of Microservice based architectures

    Understanding of authentication and authorisation principles in OAuth/ OpenID Connect (Tech Stack preferred: KeyCloak, Casbin)

    Understanding of database technologies such as Document Stores & Relational Databases

    Experience in working in a global delivery setup and good communication skills between teams

    Agile delivery processes/ methodologies are well known

    This position can be fully remote for the consultant anywhere in Europe.

    If this role looks a good fit for you, send your CV to for a follow up call.

    Jefferson Frank is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) recruiter of choice. We work with organizations worldwide to find and deliver the best permanent and contract AWS DevOps, Big Data, IaaS and PaaS, and AWS Security professionals on the planet. For more information, visit

    Junior Azure DevOps Engineer

    Norway, Oslo

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    • DevOps Role
    • Skills: Azure, AWS, DevOps, IaC, SaaS, IAM, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, FinTech, CI/CD, Engineering
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    DevOps Engineer - Oslo

    We are is looking for a skilled and passionate DevOps Engineer in Oslo, Norway.
    You will join a cloud platform team of 7, working within a technical department one project dedicated department of 100+. The greenfield data platform is cloud-native and futureproof by design and has global ambitions.

    We are looking for candidates who are passionate about working with teams, stakeholders, project managers/scrum masters and leaders to foster a culture that supports mutual respect, focus, courage, openness and commitment.

    You would work from the flagship campus in Oslo.

    Area of responsibility:

    * Operation of Azure cloud-based services
    * Designing and implementing new capabilities of operating platform based on Kubernetes / Azure technologies
    * Incidents troubleshooting and root cause analysis
    * Create new tools and improve on existing tools to help automate tasks and improve monitoring practices
    * Cooperate in an international team, building and maintaining solutions that scale with speed and performance in cloud hosting
    * Stay up to date with the latest trends in technology and expose, share and discuss technology with a large network of like-minded colleagues

    What we're looking for:

    * Skilled on Containers and container orchestration knowledge (Kubernetes)
    * Experienced in scripting (ex. PowerShell, bash)
    * Knowledge on infrastructure as a code (Terraform, ARM Templates, Bicep)
    * Familiar with DevOps tools (Docker, Podman, Helm, Kustomize, Flux)
    * Familiar with continuous integration and deployment, Gitops methodology
    * Implementing automated deployments via YAML in Azure DevOps pipelines
    * Knowledge of and hands-on experience in Monitoring, logging and alerting tools in Azure

    We also value:

    * Experience in operational processes (Disaster recovery, Deployments, Rollbacks)
    * Familiarity with security tools used (Opa, Trivy, Sops, Snyk)
    * Networking knowledge
    * Agile development methodology

    I you would like to know more about what is on offer or be involved in the process please contact Dylan Johnston on:


    Tech Lead - Software Engineering

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Software, Java, Docker, .NET, Python, Spring, Development, Architecture, Consulting, Azure, Javascript, ReactJs, VueJS
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    Tech Lead

    A medium sized tech partner is looking for skilled software professionals to join their team in a fun and collaborative environment!

    The project scope is varied with customers across fintech, retail, energy and maritime looking for SaaS and digitalisation solutions

    You will work with modern technologies to design, implement, monitor and optimise scalable solutions - ensuring systems are secure and future-proof for customers. You can work closely with stakeholders to make recommendations, assist with architectural designs and technology choice, and remain involved throughout the advisory & delivery process

    As part of a cross-functional team, you will work alongside senior developers, architects, designers and project managers to deliver end-to-end services. As a tech lead you will be responsible for building roadmaps for these projects and with a solid team around you, deliver some great results!

    There are progression routes to match your interests, whether you are interested to lead projects & team members, or to advance your skills technically. With in-house training programs and funding for external certifications & courses, you can be assured your goals are within reach

    We are looking for you to bring some of the following skills and experiences:

    * Bachelors/Masters in an IT or Engineering-related subject (or equivalent years of experience)
    * At least 3 years' experience in a similar role within software development/engineering
    * Proficiency in one or more if the following programming languages: C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript
    * Professional experience working with cloud and container technology

    Why Join and what makes them stand out?

    * Biggest spenders on courses and career programmes allowing you to accelerate your career. There are dedicated times throughout the year for self-development and attending courses & conferences, alongside a personal budget which you can use to aid your professional development - whether you choose to become certified, explore a new technology, or attend industry events, it's up to you!
    * Own a lot of their projects where you'll be in a minimum team size of 4 consultants.
    * Minimum 2 days at their offices rather than your client to keep the culture collaborative and make you really feel at home
    * Flat structure / open door policy, meaning your contributions will always been seen and heard
    * Ability to work with some of Norway's top talent
    * A company with a true passion for upskilling its employees
    * Award winning projects across the public and private sectors, some of which are having a huge impact on society.
    * Great social events
    * A salary structure tailored to your preference

    If you would like to know more, reach out to Lewis on

    AWS Infrastructure DevOps Engineer

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Engineer Role
    • Skills: AWS, Infrastructure, Kubernetes, DevOps, Security, Terraform, GitOps, python, GO
    • Seniority: Senior

    Description du poste

    AWS DevOps Engineer (Contractor)

    Oslo, Norway

    We are working with a large client who are looking for a true engineer with experience in Kubernetes cluster deployment, We need to ensure they are an infrastructure expert who has worked with preferably AWS. Could you be the DevOps engineer we are looking for?

    This will be for a minimum of 6 months with the potential to extend.


    * Good understanding of AWS DevOps Architecture
    * Knowledge of GitOps Principles and Tooling (FluxCD, Terraform)
    * Knowledge of Kustomize/Helm
    * In-depth understanding of inner Kubernetes workings (networking and storage stack, pod scheduling)
    * Knowledge of Vault
    * Knowledge of DevSecOps best-practices and continuous integration
    * Knowledge of the Rancher ecosystem preferred
    * Norwegian Speaking

    If you're interested in learning more, please apply for this exciting opportunity.

    If this role looks like a good fit for you, send your CV to for a follow-up call.

    Jefferson Frank is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) recruiter of choice. We work with organizations worldwide to find and deliver the best permanent and contract AWS DevOps, Big Data, IaaS and PaaS, and AWS Security professionals on the planet. For more information, visit

    Backend Developer (Java/Kotlin) - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Java, Spring, Springboot, Kotlin, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, AW, GCP
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    We are looking for a backend developer with experience in Java or Kotlin to join the team in Oslo!

    With a total headcount of 250+ you can feel comfortable as part of an established team and work closely with colleagues in our Java/Kotlin environment, as well as having regular contact with members in frontend, design, testing and product

    You will get to contribute across all phases of the development process, allowing you to deepen your expertise in areas that interest you, along with broadening your skills when it comes to cloud, databases, and new tools

    There are opportunities to take courses and certifications (even if they are not related to your projects!) We like to see colleagues dive deep into technology and satisfy their curiosity for new ideas

    The projects can be varied and the domains can be complex, but we encourage employees to step out of their comfort zone with the knowledge there is a team behind you for support.

    We trust you to collaborate with customers on new solutions, spar with colleagues on tech choice and methodologies, and ultimately deliver modern solutions fit for purpose

    We are looking for you to bring some of the following:

    * Academic background in a relevant subject (Engineering, IT, or similar)
    * 3+ years of professional experience in software development
    * Proficiency in Java or Kotlin
    * Experience with public cloud
    * Experience working with database technologies
    * Experience with Agile development and devops practices, along with a good understanding of industry best practices
    * An understanding of frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript is beneficial

    Good communication skills in Norwegian and English are essential as you will be working with customers and documentation in both languages

    Why work here?

    We know you care about technology - that's why we work with the latest versions, and are continually experimenting with new tools

    Idea-generation is encouraged at all levels of the business, and you are encouraged to take ownership of your work & not be afraid to innovate or try something new

    You will be compensated fairly based on your experience, and benefit from great pension and insurances, along with a bonus scheme

    Work-life balance is important to maintaining a healthy mindset, so we offer flexitime and hybrid working arrangements, along with investing in social activities and "the little things" that can make a difference to your working day

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Fullstack Developer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Java, C#, Python, .NET, C++, JavaScript, software development, backend, fullstack, frontend
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    We are looking for a fullstack developer to join the team in Oslo!

    You will have the opportunity to take on projects which suit your expertise and interests - whether you prefer to work closely with frontend and design, or build your competence with backend technologies

    There are a range of modern digitalisation projects developing applications for customers in a variety of domains. These include energy companies seeking to become more sustainable, retailers looking to optimise their processes, public sector services beginning their digital journey, and SMEs aiming to use technology to their advantage

    With an emphasis on local clients, you will be able to develop long-term relationships with stakeholders, allowing you to fully understand their requirements, and have the chance to suggest & try new technologies as you work towards solutions.

    As part of a senior team you will have ownership of your own tasks and be expected to stay up to date with industry trends and technologies

    Knowledge-sharing is an important part of the working culture, you will be encouraged to innovate and take on new training opportunities to deepen your skill-set

    With a strong investment in competence building, you can take courses and certifications throughout the year, and work together with your leader on a personalised progression plan to help you achieve your goals. We host internal networking events for you to meet colleagues who share similar interests, and invite you to speak on topics you find interesting

    Well-being and social benefits are equally important, with hybrid working options & flextime, as well as regular social gatherings in-office, around Oslo, and an annual trip abroad!

    We are looking for you to have some of the following skills & experiences:

    * Higher education in a relevant field (Engineering, IT, or similar)
    * 3+ years of professional experience in software development
    * Deep understanding of web technologies
    * Proficiency in at least one OOP language
    * For developers wishing to work frontend-focused, experience with at least one modern framework (React, Angular or Vue)
    * Strong knowledge of best practices and API centric thinking

    Good communication skills in Norwegian and English are essential as you will be working alongside product managers, designers and backend developers to deliver applications, and collaborating with other team members and stakeholders

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Data Scientist - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

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    • Data Science Role
    • Skills: Data, Integrations, Modelling
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Description du poste

    Based in-house you will work directly with a data-product and be part of a growing team who deliver data solutions for partners & end-users across Norway!

    We are looking for you who enjoy data modelling, care deeply about data quality and automation, and aim to help companies to better understand the data & insights they have

    You will help to create technical solutions to empower businesses to make better decisions,

    We are looking for you to have some of the following skills & experiences:

    * Strong academic background in an IT, Engineering or Computer Science related field
    * 2+ years of professional experience
    * Experience developing data models
    * Good understanding of the complex challenges related to data from different sources and systems
    * Experience working as part of an agile environment

    Some of the personal qualities we look for in you include:

    * Interested in developing your own and others skills through knowledge sharing & learning
    * A good team mindset and ability to work well with others
    * Motivation to explore new technologies and try new things

    What can you expect in return?

    A culture where people come first - we aim to provide a workplace where you can feel comfortable to be yourself, share ideas, and grow your career

    Work-life balance in a priority with a hybrid approach to home/office working, flexible hours, and very little overtime

    You will also receive an enhanced pension, excellent health insurances, equipment for your role and broadband coverage at home

    We know professional and technological development is important to you so you can expect to see investment in courses, conferences and workshops to help you stay up to date and explore your interests

    For more information or any questions, reach out to Lucy on