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Senior DevOps Engineer, Hybrid, London, £90,000

England, London

  • £70,000 to £90,000 GBP
  • DevOps Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: Cloudformation, CDK, AWS, WAR, Security, Python, ETL, Glue, Redshift, Containerisation
  • Niveau: Senior


Senior DevOps Engineer, Hybrid, London, £90,000


Senior DevOps Engineer (AWS), Hybrid (2-3 days in office), London, £70,000,£90,000

Role Purpose

This newly created role is to support a rapidly growing and well-supported Technology function. The key deliverables for this role will be to support the AWS-based teams to have infrastructure as code at the heart of everything they do and to help teams new to the AWS world to architect out what infrastructure they would require to fulfill their brief.

This individual should have experience with CloudFormation, CICD, IaC, Kubernetes, and Hashicorp, and have a knack for streamlining CICD pipelines. The ideal candidate will have a mix of knowledge, a strong potential for growth, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

As an advisor to the technology group, this role requires hands-on experience with AWS building workloads, architecture, and solution designing. The engineer should have a solid understanding of multi-cloud environments and CDK, as well as experience with DevOps principles and Agile methodologies. Python proficiency is a must.


* Excellent understanding of AWS and other cloud technologies (Azure/GCP).

* 5+ years of cloud infrastructure experience.

* Experience or knowledge of the well-architected framework, DevOps, agile development, and cloud design principles

* Familiarity with deployment automation technologies (Terraform, Cloudformation, CDK, CircleCI, etc).

* Strong appreciation of information security.

* Proven experience implementing secure design principles

* Understanding of networks and network security.

* Proven problem-solving capability.

* AWS certified or equivalent experience in a proven environment.

* Quick learner and able to interact with various professionals, including Senior Management, Engineers and IT support.

* Programming knowledge, preferably Python.

* Deep understanding of cloud security best practices, threat modeling, and risk assessment.

* Knowledge of Agile ways of working and adaptability to switch between different methods (scum/kanban), depending on the task assigned.

Please reach out to s.malik@jeffersonfrank.com and call on 0191 338 7568.

NOTE: No Sponsorship is provided for this role. UK residents only