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    AWS Cloud Engineer

    Norway, Oslo

    • NOK 800,000 to NOK 1,200,000 NOK
    • Engineer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: AWS, Infrastructure, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Python, Java, Linux
    • Seniority: Senior


    Job Title: AWS Solutions Architect

    Location: Oslo, Norway

    Are you passionate about cloud computing and automation? Do you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment? We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated AWS Soliutions Architect to join a small-medium sized team in Oslo. As an integral member of our IT department, you will play a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and managing our AWS infrastructure to ensure seamless, efficient, and secure operations.


    * Design, deploy, and manage AWS-based infrastructure, ensuring scalability, high availability, and cost-effectiveness.
    * Collaborate with cross-functional teams to architect and implement reliable, automated CI/CD pipelines.
    * Monitor system performance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize system performance to meet or exceed service level objectives.
    * Implement security best practices to safeguard AWS resources and data.
    * Participate in code reviews and assist developers in deploying applications to AWS.
    * Create and maintain documentation, including infrastructure diagrams, configuration procedures, and disaster recovery plans.


    * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
    * Proven experience as a DevOps Engineer with a focus on AWS technologies.
    * Strong expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, CloudFormation, etc.
    * Proficiency in scripting languages such as Python, Bash, or PowerShell for automation tasks.
    * Hands-on experience with infrastructure-as-code (IAC) tools like Terraform or CloudFormation.
    * Familiarity with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, or AWS CodePipeline.
    * Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration.
    * Strong understanding of networking concepts and security best practices within AWS.
    * AWS certifications (e.g., AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Architect) would be a plus.

    Personal Attributes:

    * Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues.
    * Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively within a team.
    * Proactive and self-motivated, with a passion for learning and keeping up with the latest trends in cloud computing and DevOps practices.
    * Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

    To apply, please contact Dylan Johnston on:


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-johnston-666707130/

    Cloud Software Developer

    Netherlands, Overijssel, Zwolle

    • €5,000 to €5,500 EUR
    • Developer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: React, Typescript, Kotlin, Spring Boot, AWS IoT Core, IAM, EC2, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB.
    • Seniority: Mid-level


    Are you passionate about utilizing cloud technology? Join our client's Information Technology team as a Cloud Developer and play a vital role in contributing to the community.

    The role

    As a Cloud Software Developer, you play a vital role in crafting our client's cloud-based service solutions. Your responsibilities include translating customer feedback and requirements into software architecture and design to ensure an outstanding user experience and customer satisfaction. You will design and develop secure, reliable, and scalable cloud software systems, collaborating with colleagues and external partners to achieve optimal results.

    Key Responsibilities:

    * Design, develop, document, and maintain cloud-based applications.
    * Debug and investigate detected defects.
    * Perform peer reviews of code developed by teammates.
    * Collaborate with colleagues and testing, including optimizing application components.
    * Assume responsibility for technical leadership or Scrum Mastery when necessary.
    * Create and update automated unit and acceptance tests.
    * Participate in daily scrum meetings.

    Technology Stack

    * Frontend: React, Typescript Backend: Kotlin, Spring Boot
    * Cloud: AWS with components such as IoT Core, IAM, EC2, Lambda, S3, and DynamoDB.
    * Experience with other AWS services and tools is a plus.


    * Bachelor's or Master's in computer science or equivalent
    * Preferably experience with full-stack development technologies
    * Knowledge of unit testing and testing principles
    * Fluent in spoken and written English and Dutch
    * Development experience in the medical device sector is advantageous
    * A role model with a can-do attitude and a positive approach

    The offer

    * Competitive salary ranging from €5,000 to €5,500 gross per month based on 40 hours per week
    * Comprehensive pension provision
    * 25 vacation days based on 40 hours per week
    * Provided tools for your role
    * Abundant career opportunities within our organization
    * A diverse job for 36-40 hours a week, with working days and hours open for discussion

    Additional perks

    * Hybrid working and a healthy work-life balance
    * Engaging and motivated colleagues
    * Freedom for continuous self-development
    * Memorable team outings and social events
    * Contribution to societal well-being
    * The option to work from Rijswijk or Zwolle

    BI Developer - Bergen

    Norway, Bergen

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: BI, data, data engineer, Azure, Power BI, Business Intelligence
    • Seniority: Mid-level


    Position: Fulltime, Permanent

    You will be part of a specialised team within a larger organisation where you can have the flexibility and freedoms associated with a smaller and more agile team, combined with the technology and drive of a much bigger force behind you!

    You can work closely with clients across a range of industries such as finance, energy, logistics, and media to help them on their journey towards digitalisation and becoming more data-driven

    There are options to work on longer or shorter term projects with solutions ranging from helping customers to optimise their processes, to helping deliver complete end-to end data and reporting environments

    With a focus on building long-lasting relationships with clients, you will have great influence over the projects you work on, the solutions you suggest (be as creative as you can!), and the responsibility take ownership of your own tasks

    We are looking for you to bring:

    * An academic background in IT, Engineering, or Business
    * 2+ years of experinece working within BI, Analytics, or Data Engineering
    * Experience with some of the following technologies: SQL, Python, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, or similar
    * Excellent communication skills to work with technical and non-technical stakeholders

    We have built a flexible and creative workplace with room to develop and have fun together by investing in our consultants to help them be the best they can be!

    Courses & certifications are encouraged, and funded by the business (with allocated time during your working hours for personal & professional development)

    Opportunities for progression are available to all, with different career paths to match the direction you want to head in

    You will also have flexibility on how, where, and when you work to ensure you are able to be the most productive you can be

    In addition, there are many practical benefits on offer with pension schemes starting at 6%, excellent health insurances, and a phone & laptop provided

    For any questions, contact Lucy on l.whiting@frankgroup.com

    Security Engineer

    Norway, Oslo

    • NOK 750,000 to NOK 1,400,000 NOK
    • Specialist Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: AWS, Infrastructure, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Python, Java, Linux
    • Seniority: Senior


    Job Title: Senior Azure Cloud Security Engineer

    Location: Oslo

    As a Senior Azure Cloud Security Engineer you would help to manage and secure our cloud infrastructure as the organisation continues to grow.

    This role will have the opportunity to grow into the Chief Security Officer position in the future. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Azure cloud security and be comfortable working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.


    * Help to manage Azure cloud infrastructure and ensure its security
    * Evolve our infrastructure as we continue to grow
    * Contribute to the planning and development of SecOps
    * Contribute to Azure Cloud Security and DevOps
    * Work closely with our CTO on planning and execution
    * Enjoy a significant degree of autonomy and freedom
    * Have an impact on our development teams, the product, and the organisation
    * Meet with clients, uncover their requirements and report back to the CTO


    * 5+ years of experience in Azure cloud security engineering
    * Strong experience with Azure cloud platforms and related technologies
    * Experience with infrastructure automation and configuration management tools
    * Understanding of security best practices and methodologies
    * Ability to work independently and collaboratively
    * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    On offer is a strong salary and benefits package, equity scheme as well as a supportive and collaborative work environment.

    The successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow into the Chief Security Officer position as we continue to expand our operations. If you are passionate about Azure cloud security and are looking for an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact in the food sustainability industry, we would love to hear from you.

    To learn more, discuss the details and get involved with the process; contact Dylan Johnston


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-johnston-666707130/

    Senior Java / Scala / Clojure Developers - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • NOK 800,000 to NOK 1,300,000 NOK
    • Developer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: Oslo, Norway, Angular, React, Vue, Developer, Sales, Development, NodeJS, Javascript, Java, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, Clojure, Clojurescript, Scala, Spring, Hibernate
    • Seniority: Senior


    Job Description

    We are actively seeking outstanding Java, Scala, and/or Clojure Developers to join a talented team of experts within a highly specialised boutique consultancy known for delivering exceptional software solutions.

    Their focus is on providing end-to-end development services to a diverse clientele. As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to work on innovative and exciting projects, shaping the success of their clients.

    If you are passionate about working on end-to-end new development projects and want to make a significant impact, this is an incredible opportunity for you!

    What we hope you have:

    * Java, Scala, and/or Clojure Proficiency: I'm seeking candidates with a strong foundation in Java, Scala, and/or Clojure programming languages. Experience with relevant frameworks and libraries is highly valued.
    * End-to-End Development Expertise: You should be comfortable working across the entire development lifecycle, from requirements gathering and analysis to design, implementation, testing, and deployment.
    * Analytical and Innovative Thinker: Exceptional problem-solving and analytical abilities are key. I'm looking for individuals who thrive on tackling complex challenges and finding innovative solutions.
    * Collaborative Team Player: Collaboration is integral to this organisation. I'm seeking candidates with strong interpersonal skills who excel in a team environment.
    * Passion for Learning: Technology is ever-evolving, and my client values individuals who are eager to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
    * Excellent communication skills: Norwegian language skills is a must for this position

    What We Offer:

    * Exciting Projects: As a Developer, you will have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of exciting projects, taking them from inception to completion. Each project will present unique challenges, allowing you to enhance your skills and broaden your experience.
    * Make an Impact: Being part of our boutique consultancy means your contributions will have a significant impact. Your ideas and expertise will shape the direction of our projects and directly influence the success of our clients.
    * Collaborative Culture: Our work environment fosters collaboration, support, and innovation. They believe in the power of teamwork and encourage active participation to achieve outstanding results.
    * Professional Growth: The company are committed to investing in the professional growth and development of your team members. You will have access to training resources, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to attend industry events.

    If this sounds like an opportunity you could thrive in, don't hesitate to reach out to me at m.taylor@nigelfrank, or call me on +47 902 724 73 for a non committal chat on the positions available.

    Frontend Developer - Cybersecurity Scale-up

    Norway, Oslo

    • NOK 750,000 to NOK 900,000 NOK
    • Developer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: React, Angular, Vue, AWS, TypeScript, Opensource, Frontend, Visualization, Accessibility, Development,
    • Seniority: Mid-level


    Job Title: Front End Developer

    Would you like to join a well-funded scale-up, developing an innovative Cyber Security Solution? This is an opportunity to join a team of two other frontend developers and a UX lead to work on building a customised cyber-security training solution

    About the Company:

    The application simulates cyber-security threats towards employees of larger organisations, analyses the results and provides customised training modules based on each employee's role, location and software used. Training modules will be delivered with varied content, frequency and difficulty based on the requirements of each employee and organisation.

    With cyber-security being a currently a hot topic in the IT space, the product is seeing strong demand making for a successful scale-up firm.

    The Role:

    You will work in a team of three, including yourself, to build the front of the of the application, training portal and simulations alongside some work on the company's website.

    Frontend tech: React.js, TypeScript, REMIX, D3.js, Vite and pnpm (don't worry if you haven't used everything)

    Backend: Golang, Python, AWS


    * 4+ years of work experience with React.
    * Demonstrated work showcasing good aesthetic sense, user-friendly interfaces, and sound technical choices.
    * Ability to design user-friendly interfaces and an appreciation for accessibility principals
    * Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.

    What They Offer:

    * An exciting and fast-moving work environment.
    * Short development cycles and a flat organisational structure.
    * Daily team lunches and Friday socials.
    * Opportunity for significant responsibility and influence.
    * Start-up culture within a stable, financially-backed company.
    * Support for professional development through seminars and courses.

    How to Apply:

    Reach out to Dylan Johnston from Jefferson Frank to discuss the details on:

    E: d.johnston1@frankgroup.com
    T: +47 902 73 294

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-johnston-666707130/

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Sweden, Stockholm

    • Competitive salary and package with 30 days vacation
    • Engineer Stelle
    • Seniority: Senior


    Senior Frontend Developer for an EdTech Company

    A renowned EdTech platform is currently seeking an experienced Senior Frontend Developer to join its vibrant team. This role involves a pivotal contribution to the platform's growth and functionality, focusing on React, TypeScript, and GraphQL technologies.

    About the Company:

    The company operates as a prominent digital platform serving various users, dedicated to empowering schools and educational institutions worldwide. Its platform, is highly regarded and serves as an essential tool for numerous educational entities.

    Role Description:

    The Senior Frontend Developer will lead the development and implementation of key features, significantly impacting the platform's evolution. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, the chosen candidate will leverage expertise in React, TypeScript, and GraphQL to architect and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

    You will also have a pivotal role in upskilling the Frontend team with opportunity for you to mentor and step into a leading position.

    Key Responsibilities:

    * Architect, develop, and maintain robust frontend components using React, TypeScript, and GraphQL.
    * Develop products in web and mobile.
    * Collaborate with designers, backend developers, and product managers to refine user interfaces and experiences.
    * Drive best practices, participate in code reviews, and contribute to frontend architecture evolution.
    * Optimise application performance for maximum speed and scalability.
    * Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in frontend development.


    * Solid professional experience working with React, TypeScript, and GraphQL.
    * Proven track record delivering high-quality frontend solutions.
    * Exceptional problem-solving skills and a collaborative approach.
    * Ability to work efficiently and independently in a remote and on-site team setting.
    * A positive attitude and an enjoyment of working in a social team.
    * Fluency in Swedish and English.

    Location: Stockholm and remote - you are welcome to the office any time that you would like with one day locked in every two weeks for you to come into the office to work with the team. Every other time you can work from the comfort of whichever office you prefer!

    If you possess a passion for frontend development, a solid command of React, TypeScript, and GraphQL, and seek an impactful role, your application is welcome!

    Please apply with your CV and reach out to me on +46 77 588 86 15 and m.mcdermott@frankgroup.com

    Litium Developer / Lithium Developer

    Sweden, Stockholm

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Stelle
    • Fähigkeiten: Litium, Developer, E-commerce, Digital Experience, Online Community, Java, Web Development, CMS, Customization, Social Media Management, API, Integration, Web Technologies, Content Management System, Front-end, Episerver
    • Seniority: Senior


    About us:

    We are pioneers in delivering exceptional digital experiences, and we're on the lookout for a skilled Litium Developer to join our team. If you are passionate about creating engaging online communities and mastering the Litium platform, we want to hear from you.


    * Collaborate closely with diverse teams to understand business needs and leverage the Litium platform to implement innovative solutions.
    * Engineer and customize Litium applications to align with client requirements and project objectives.
    * Seamlessly integrate and optimize social media management tools within the Litium ecosystem.
    * Design, implement, and maintain community features to ensure a frictionless user experience.
    * Identify and troubleshoot technical issues related to Litium applications, providing effective resolutions.
    * Keep abreast of the latest Litium features, updates, and industry best practices.


    * Proven track record as a Litium Developer or in a similar role.
    * In-depth expertise in the Litium community and social media management platform.
    * Proficient in relevant programming languages, with a strong emphasis on Java.
    * Comprehensive understanding of web technologies, APIs, and integration methodologies.
    * Experience in customizing and extending Litium features to meet unique project requirements.
    * Exceptional problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
    * Strong communication skills and a collaborative mindset.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    * Litium certification or equivalent training.
    * Familiarity with other social media platforms and tools.
    * Knowledge of best practices in online community management.

    How to Apply:

    If you're excited about pushing the boundaries of Litium development and making a real impact, send your resume below.