How to write an inclusive AWS job advert

How to write an inclusive AWS job advert (which won't put people off!)

Our 6 tips for writing inclusive job ads ensure your company is committing to ED&I in an authentic, impactful, and purposeful way that promotes equal opportunity across the AWS community.

Get ahead of the game: the most important hiring needs for AWS talent

It feels like we spent most of 2020 and 2021 talking about ‘unprecedented times’, but there’s no escaping that companies are now faced with real challenges in the ecosystem when it comes to hiring. As a result of a combination of skills shortages and a competitive talent marketplace, employees are finding themselves in a unique […]

The Perks That Matter To The Modern AWS Workforce

Here’s a question for you: are your prized AWS specialists looking to change employer? There could be many factors influencing this, or course, but it’s always worth evaluating your company perks on offer, not just for new talent, but your existing staff too. They may not be a key factor in someone moving on, but […]

How Your AWS Team Will Look In 2022 And Beyond

The last two years have disrupted the work landscape for good. The effects of an enforced remote workforce has accelerated the pace of change in the workplace, so that the future is now. As social distancing restrictions have been lifted and we see light at the end of the tunnel, what lies ahead for your […]

Building Your AWS Talent Pipeline

There’s no getting away from the skills gap that’s affecting most employers of AWS specialists right now. In a talent-scare market such as this, you need to find a number of ways to attract the best people. Not only that, but you also face the challenge of keeping them happy in settings also that meet […]