10 AWS online tech talks to check out on-demand

Wondering which online AWS tech talks are best suited to you and your career path? You’re in the right place! 

AWS has been producing and sharing webinars and tech talks with its community for more than a decade, and there’s never been a better time to shine a light on this fantastic resource. 

Right now, there are over a thousand online tech talks available to stream on-demand. The talks are a mixture of feature-specific technical deep dives, live demos, customer case studies, and Q&A sessions with AWS experts. 

And best of all, these sessions are free to watch, making AWS’ on-demand tech talks some of the best training resources available to novice and experienced AWS professionals alike.   

A note on AWS learning levels: AWS splits all its content into levels, depending on how technical and in-depth the session will go, beginning at Level 100 for beginners, up to 400 for experts. Most of these webinars sit at the 200 – 300 level, covering introductory and advanced topics, but here’s our pick of AWS tech talks across each level to help you find the session most beneficial to you.  

To see the full library of on-demand talks and the schedule of upcoming talks, visit the AWS website. 

Level 100 – Foundational 

The best AWS tech talk on-demand for beginners and novice AWS professionals.  

Getting Started with Serverless for Developers 

Intended for new developers who lack experience in serverless, this foundational tech talk breaks down the fundamentals of why developers need serverless technologies, and which hurdles serverless technologies help to overcome. 

Led by Ben Smith, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, attendees are guided through the process of building serverless applications from scratch, and are introduced to services including AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS SAM along the way.  

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Introduction to Quantum Computing on AWS 

Suited to a range of AWS roles — including Developers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Cloud Engineers — this foundational tech talk introduces attendees to Amazon Braket, a fully-managed service from AWS that helps customers dive into quantum computing.  

Senior Product Manager at AWS, Eric Kessler, offers attendees a walk-through of the console, and guides you through both the Amazon Braket SDK, and the multiple back-ends provided by AWS. It’s intended to show professionals how to help organizations and researchers to explore quantum computing to solve computational problems that stretch beyond conventional scopes.  

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Level 200 – Intermediate

The best AWS tech talk on-demand for intermediate AWS professionals with existing knowledge of fundamentals.  

Unlock the full potential of personalization with machine learning 

Personalization is all the rage right now, particularly in B2C areas like retail, media, and entertainment. Delivered through ML (machine learning), personalized user experiences and meaningful differentiation can be powerful tools in improving engagement, conversions, and revenue through  

Hosted by AWS Business Development Manager, Megan Bos, and AIML Solutions Architect, Gabrielle Dompreh, this talk will educate you on the value of integrating real-time personalization into your existing websites, apps, and marketing.  

Suited to architects, developers, and engineers across the AWS community, this intermediate tech talk will offer attendees a walk-through of Amazon Personalize, showing users how to use code samples to create recommendations.  

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Data protection strategies for the cloud 

We don’t need to tell you how valuable of an asset data has become.  

In this tech talk, AWS Principal Product Manager, Jeremy Stieglitz, breaks down the basics of AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Demonstrating how to ensure the proper protection of sensitive data across AWS integrated services and inside your customized applications, learn more market-leading performance, protection, and policy tips to enhance and expand your data protection strategies. 

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Build scalable, cost-effective disaster recovery to AWS 

Every now and then, disaster strikes. From human error and technical failure to infrastructure damage and cyberattacks, disruption to your critical IT systems is somewhat inevitable, making it integral that you know what to do next.  

In this talk, led by AWS Worldwide Disaster Recovery Specialist Solution Architect, Ken Sze, you’ll learn how AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery can be used to improve business resilience. Minimizing costs, downtime, and data loss, this talk teaches architects, engineers, analysts, and administrators how to meet stringent recovery objectives in the moments you need it most.  

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Level 300 – Advanced  

The best AWS tech talk on-demand for advanced AWS professionals with good levels of industry experience and expertise.  

How to improve efficiency through monitoring and systems administration 

Featuring an exciting mix of speakers from across AWS EC2 Commercial Software Services, this talk is intended to educate IT Administrators, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) professionals, and DevOps Engineers in services that improve the troubleshooting, remediation, and monitoring of applications. 

Working with Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights, attendees will learn how to use dashboards to maintain application health, and how to optimize system administration efficiently across both AWS and external environments. 

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Which NoSQL database is right for you? 

It’s rare that developers use a one-size-fits-all approach to modern relational databases. Processes have since evolved, with developers now utilizing numerous tools to tackle a variety of problems within a single complex application.  

But to do this successfully, professionals must comprehend a wide range of fully managed NoSQL database services, each purpose-built for specific data models and optimized for modern applications.  

Led by In-Memory Database Specialist Solutions Architect, Siva Karuturi, and Principal DynamoDB Specialist Solutions Architect, Jason Hunter, this talk teaches professionals the benefits of using purpose-built databases in application development. With a focus on Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), Amazon Elasticache for Redis, and Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, attendees will learn how to choose the right database to make development and deployment more efficient.   

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Learn how to deploy Containerized applications in a hybrid cloud environment 

AWS Senior Product Manager, Carlos Santa Gadea, leads this session on leveraging the efficiencies and benefits of Containers in a hybrid environment. 

Aimed at developers and professionals working within infrastructure teams, attendees will learn more about successfully meeting business objectives by running your workloads on infrastructure you own, while reaping all the benefits of while simple container tooling. 

From maintaining reduced latency while working with big data and image processing, to avoiding the need for data transfers and third party software, those comprehensive talk covers many elements to ensure professionals understand how and why to run containerized apps in owned infrastructure. 

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Level 400 – Expert  

The best AWS tech talks on-demand for expert AWS professionals and industry veterans.   

Testing and Monitoring APIs on AWS 

AWS Senior Manager/Principle Developer Advocate, Chris Munns, teaches Developers and Software Engineers the best practices for testing and monitoring APIs in this talk.  

Working with Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics and Amazon API Gateway logging, metrics, and tracing, this talk intends to deep dive into the creation of test canaries and purposeful API monitoring to gain invaluable new insights into performance.  

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Optimizing Your Serverless Applications 

Breaking down the near-limitless capabilities of AWS Lambda, AWS Principal Developer Advocate, Chris Munns, leads this talk on building and optimizing serverless applications.  

Suitable for Developers, DevOps Engineers, Architects, and anyone working with or interested in serverless, this talk teaches you how to get the most out of Lambda from the perspective of both functionality and cost.  

Learn architectural best practices, and the benefits of building secure, high-scale, high-performance serverless applications, all taught using real customer scenarios to help you understand how to turn knowledge to action.  

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