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30 AWS influencers you need to follow in 2024

By Danny Aspinall

In a rapidly-evolving tech environment like AWS, keeping your finger on the pulse is a complete non-negotiable for professionals looking to stay at the forefront of their industry. Best practices change, capabilities expand, and new services and solutions are developed continuously. 

And with this in mind, you might be wondering: how on earth are you meant to keep up?!  

Luckily, the AWS community is built on a solid foundation of collaboration and education, meaning there’s a whole host of passionate knowledge sharers and mentors going above and beyond to ensure everyone has access to the expertise they need to thrive in AWS.  

Whether it’s keeping tabs on the latest news, sharing top tips on how to get the most out of products and services, or offering guidance on your AWS journey, we’ve curated a list of the top 30 influencers everyone in the AWS community needs to be following online.  

So bookmark their blogs, follow them on X (formerly Twitter), check out their LinkedIn and spread the word about these AWS stars taking the community by storm.  

Make 2024 the year you take your AWS know-how to the next level by dropping these 30 inspiring influencers a follow today! 

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Rob Koch 

X | LinkedIn | Blog 

 AWS Data Hero, Rob Koch, is a must follow for his active posting on cloud migrations, data, and event-driven systems. When he’s not sharing his insightful expertise online, Rob’s inspiring his followers across the community in other ways—for example, the Digital Revolution Awards winner is also the proud founder of Deaf in the Cloud, a group that offers support and networking for deaf and signers that work in tech, as well as a way to share best practice. 

Efi Merdler-Kravitz 

 X | LinkedIn  

By day Efi Merdler-Kravitz is Senior Cloud Architect at CloudEx, but outside of his nine to five, Efi is super passionate about sharing knowledge and best practices around serverless architectures and applications.  As an early and enthusiastic adopter of serverless tech, it’s safe to say that Efi really knows his stuff, and this enthusiasm for helping the community thrive has already seen him named an AWS Serverless Hero by the vendor.  

Helen Anderson   

LinkedIn | Blog 

Helen Anderson is a Principal Business Intelligence Developer who leads projects that use AWS services to empower users and improve efficiencies. She’s a renowned advocate for data analysts, and her beginner-friendly blog posts, teaching, and mentoring make her the ideal influencer to follow for those who are newer to the tech industry and data community. Her post, AWS from A to Z, is one of the most popular AWS posts ever on Dev.to., and as a Woman in Tech inspiring those underrepresented in the industry, she’s nothing short of a role model for those right across the AWS community.  

Hiroko Nishimura 

X | LinkedIn | Website  

Hiroko Nishimura is the epitome of an AWS Community Hero and one you definitely need to be following today. Passionate about creating communities and resources to help people from diverse backgrounds learn AWS jargon-free, Hiroko founded AWS Newbies, published AWS for Non-Engineers, and teaches Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers courses on LinkedIn Learning to help professionals with non-traditional tech backgrounds begin their AWS journeys.

Kesha Williams 

X | LinkedIn | Website 

Kesha Williams is an AWS Machine Learning Hero committed to advocating for the benefits integrated technology can bring to the world. Whether it’s through her work as an AWS Technical Instructor at A Cloud Guru, authoring courses for the likes of Manning Publications, Packt, LinkedIn Learning, and Cloud Academy, or her 1:1 online mentorship opportunities, Kesha is passionate about and dedicated to helping others prosper on their cloud journeys. 

Corey Quinn 

X | LinkedIn | Blog 

In his role as Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, Corey is dedicated to (in his own words) helping companies improve their AWS bills by making them less horrifying. But you could also say that he applied the same mentality outside of the office, helping AWS technologies feel more accessible and comprehensible—or, to steal Corey’s phrase once more, ‘less horrifying’—by sharing his first-rate expertise through a number of channels. From hosting the ‘Screaming in the Cloud’ and ‘AWS Morning Brief’ podcasts to curating the Last Week in AWS newsletter, Corey’s one of the best sources for AWS news, blogs, and tools, sprinkled uniquely with snark and thoughtful analysis in roughly equal measure.  

John Furrier  

X | LinkedIn | Website 

John Furrier is the co-founder and CEO of SiliconANGLE Media Inc., an independent media company covering the massive and often underreported global impact of enterprise and emerging technologies. Operating from the heart of Silicon Valley, John regularly researches and reports on the top trends in technology entrepreneurship, venture capital, consumerization of enterprise, and emerging technology innovation. Whether it’s sharing fresh insights on his news site, SiliconANGLE.com, or live video broadcasting on TheCUBE.net from top tech events, John is a must follow to ensure you don’t miss out on all the latest and greatest from enterprise tech and emerging innovation. 

Ed Miller  

X | LinkedIn | Blog 

Ed Miller is an AWS Machine Learning Hero with a notable passion for all things ML. When he’s not leading technical engagements with strategic partners in his role as Distinguished Engineer at ARM, Ed volunteers as a Technical Lead with the BearID Project, where he helps to develop open-source, ML solutions for non-invasive wildlife monitoring. Ed regularly shares insightful updates about how he uses AWS solutions like AWS Amplify and a number of other AWS AI services in this uniquely fun way, along with other interesting projects he’s working on right now, on his Medium and Dev.to pages. 

Pawel Zubkiewicz

X | LinkedIn | Website 

Passionate about sharing his knowledge and introducing Serverless to a wider audience, Pawel started Serverless Polska in 2018, and began publishing a newsletter on Serverless and AWS cloud shortly after. In 2020, he was chosen for the prestigious AWS Community Builders program as recognition for his efforts in creating free and commercial materials for developers, and training over a hundred people through his tutorials and workshops. Today, he’s a cost optimization and serverless specialist who continues to share his passion and expertise with the community both online and as a conference speaker, and has recently utilized his expertise to create CloudPouch, a desktop application that helps you understand and reduce AWS costs.  

Ivonne Roberts 

Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube 

An AWS veteran with more than 15 years of software development under her belt, Ivonne is a Software Architect and AWS Serverless Hero who has developed expertise across a number of areas including building prototypes, establishing reference architectures, and developing mission-critical production workloads. Well-known for sharing her knowledge with the software engineering community, Ivonne runs both a popular blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to making serverless architecture more accessible. 

Kaushik Mohanraj

X | LinkedIn

A cloud fanatic with almost a decade of experience across the cloud space, Kaushik is Director of Operations and Sales for Blazeclan Technologies, Malaysia. He’s a keen disseminator of AWS knowledge, and dedicates a lot of time to helping others build their own careers in the cloud. A co-organizer of AWS User Group Malaysia since 2019, the AWS Community Hero is also co-director of Women In Big Data’s Malaysia Chapter, which offers a platform for Women in Technology, and is a regular event speaker in his role as an AWS APN Ambassador.

Rosius Ndimofor

X | LinkedIn | Blog

Rosius Ndimofor teaches serverless computing as a creator at Educloud, having built desktop, web, and mobile apps for various customers for a decade. After being introduced to AWS by his friend and co-organizer of a local AWS User Group, the rest is history, with Rosius learning as much as he could about building AWS serverless applications while sharing progress on his blog. With a particular interest in serverless services under compute and application integration layers, he is now an AWS Serverless Hero regularly sharing his invaluable insights across local AWS meetup events, AWS Community Voices video shows and webinars, while documenting it all on his blog along the way.

Setia Budi

X | LinkedIn | YouTube

Setia Budi is an AWS Community Hero and educator, and his love of knowledge-sharing is evident both inside and outside the classroom. As well as being a lecturer, he also runs a YouTube channel that has amassed 120k subscribers and provides computer science-related learning materials, and complements this with additional materials through weekly streaming sessions and a podcast series. Setia is also an accomplished speaker, having presented at such tech events as PyConID 2019, and has appeared on a number of podcasts and tech talk shows like Machine Learning ID, NUNI, Ceritanya Developer, DeepTech Talks, and Kota Kode.

Gert Leenders

X | LinkedIn | Blog

Gert Leenders has been laser-focused on building and deploying cloud-native apps on AWS for a decade, and is a proud AWS Dev Tools Hero. As part of the program committee for major tech event Devoxx, Gert has helped deliver quality cloud-focused sessions, and is also a regular blogger and sharer of code on GitHub. He also regularly posts on his start-up’s blog, which is packed with top tips and under-the-hood secrets to help developers and cloud engineers with tasks like logging, debugging, error handling, and Infrastructure as Code. As an early advocate of the cookie-cutter approach to AWS CloudFormation, Gert also helped create a collection of templates to make the migration of apps to AWS faster and easier, and nowadays has an interest in architecture that explores security, microservices, containers, resilience (chaos) engineering, cloud native development and serverless.

Anurag Kale

X | LinkedIn

AWS Data Hero, Anurag Kale, has been a passionate cloud advocate from the moment his career brought him into the AWS ecosystem. As Cloud Software Architect at Polestar, his interests span Amazon DynamoDB, relational databases, serverless data pipelines, data analytics, Infrastructure as Code, and sustainable cloud solutions. He regularly speaks at community events and meetups around the world, and continues to be a cloud evangelist through initiatives such as The Apprentice Project, and it’s this attitude of going above and beyond to give back to the AWS community that has seen him recognized as both a Next Generation Global Cloud Thought Leader by Whizlabs, and  by the Digital Revolution Awards.

Rossana Suarez

X | LinkedIn | Blog

With an impressive range of titles and accolades including AWS Data Hero, Docker Captain, Gitlab Hero, and Tech Lead to name just a few, it’s safe to say you can learn a thing or two from Rossana. The expert Software Engineer is a passionate knowledge sharer, breaking down complicated topics into simpler insights over on her YouTube channel, 295Devops. Her aim is to inspire more professionals to pursue a new career in the cloud, and make it easier for them to take their first steps by teaching them the foundational knowledge they need. On a mission to level the playing field and improve female representation through these efforts, Rosanna also presents at Women in Technology’s local meetups to encourage more women into DevOps careers, and assists with AWS Girls Argentina, a space for learning and inclusion for women from different fields to explore AWS services.

Luciano Mammino

X | LinkedIn | Blog

Luciano is a passionate full stack and cloud developer working as Senior Architect for fourTheorem, where he also contributes to a number of other open-source projects in Serverless. Outside of his working hours, the AWS Serverless Heroe is one of the creators of Middy, one of the most popular and widely-adopted middleware-based Node.js frameworks for AWS Lambda. This expertise has also seen him co-author the book Node.js Design Patterns, and even co-host his own podcast, AWS Bites. Driven by his passion for knowledge sharing, Luciano is also a keen tech speaker and content creator who has evangelized the adoption of serverless since its early days.

Marko S

X | LinkedIn | Website

Marko is a full stack developer and serverless advocate with 20 years’ experience in the industry. Five-time AWS certified, Marko is extremely knowledgeable across the full-stack software development life cycle, from concepts through delivery of efficient applications and customizable solutions. And best of all, he’s passionate about sharing this expertise with the rest of the community, with his self-confessed obsession for serverless leading him to share his top tips, insights, and best practices around AWS, Lambda, Node.js and TypeScript on his blog, Serverless Life.

Ananda Dwi Rahmawati

X | LinkedIn | Blog

Ananda is an AWS Container Hero who has been active in the community since 2017, with a notable passion for giving back and helping others accelerate their cloud journeys. For example, Ananda loves to share technical knowledge on her blog, where she offers guidance, perspectives, and experiences with AWS Services, cloud-native and open-source tools, and more. And when she’s not creating invaluable content for her blog, Ananda can often be found speaking at events, delivering expert-led presentations using real-world case studies at several local community meetups and conferences such as Kubernetes and OpenInfra Days Indonesia, AWS Community Days Indonesia, and AWS Summit ASEAN, to name just a few.

Álvaro Hernández Tortosa

LinkedIn | Blog

Álvaro is a passionate database and software developer and an open-source advocate and developer at heart. Back in 2019 he was recognized as an AWS Data Hero to reward his eager knowledge sharing, promoting PostgreSQL related issues publicity and contributing to the open-source community at both a national and international level. And Álvaro’s efforts to give back continue to this day, with him founding the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL and the Spanish PostgreSQL User Group, frequently speaking at PostgreSQL, database, cloud and Java conferences, and sharing his key insights on his blog and social channels.

Adam Bien

X | Blog | YouTube

As an independent Architect, Consultant, Developer, Trainer, conference speaker, and podcaster, Adam Bien is a jack of many trades—all driven by his passion for knowledge sharing and his interest in exploring high productivity, reduction of complexity, and cost effectiveness. The AWS Dev Tools Hero was recently recognized as Tech Star Of The Year (DACH) by the Digital Revolution Awards for his impressive efforts across the ecosystem, whether that be coding live on his YouTube channel, contributing regularly on GitHub, creating on demand video courses, organizing online event meetups, hosting live virtual workshops or creating his own newsletter. Oh, and that’s not forgetting hosting his own podcast, airhacks.fm—we told you Adam was a busy bee!

Álvaro Hernández Tortosa

LinkedIn | YouTube

Álvaro is a passionate database and software developer and an open-source advocate and developer at heart. Back in 2019 he was recognized as an AWS Data Hero to reward his eager knowledge sharing, promoting PostgreSQL related issues publicity and contributing to the open-source community at both a national and international level. And Álvaro’s efforts to give back continue to this day, with him founding the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL and the Spanish PostgreSQL User Group, frequently speaking at PostgreSQL, database, cloud and Java conferences, and sharing his key insights on his blog and social channels.

Bhuvaneswari Subramani

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

An AWS Community Hero and Certified Solution Architect, Bhuvaneswari Subramani has 20 years of IT experience under her belt. Bhuvaneswari is an entirely self-made tech pro with a zeal for technical writing and an uncanny knack of explaining complex technical concepts. A relentless blogger with more than a decade of experience writing about DevOps and cloud computing, she’s also heavily involved in her local AWS community. Bhuvaneswari is a co-organizer of the AWS User Group Bengaluru and plays a huge part in arranging meetups and AWS Community Days. She’s also committed to fostering diversity in the industry, being one of the five recipients of the AWS re:Invent 2018 Community Leader Diversity Scholarship and a proud Women Techmakers Ambassador.

Ewere Diagboya

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

Ewere Diagboya holds the impressive accolade of the first AWS Community Hero in Africa—and deservedly so! The DevOps Engineer collaborated to speak at the first ever AWS Nigeria Meetup and was the only Nigerian representative at the AWS Johannesburg Loft in 2019. Having educated and trained many fellow developers in AWS and DevOps practices, Ewere’s passion for helping his peers thrive in the AWS community has seen him co-found DevOps Nigeria, create YouTube showcasing AWS Technologies, and share insightful blog posts on Medium where he publishes under MyCloudSeries.

Denis Bauer

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

Professor Denis Bauer is a Principal Research Scientist and Group Lead at Australia’s government research agency (CSIRO), where her work on the digital health research program has led to the development of one of the first serverless architectures, GT-Scan, and open-source products like VariantSpark, the ML tool for analyzing ultra-high dimensional data, which was the first AWS Marketplace health product from a public sector organization. A celebrated AWS Data Hero since 2020, Professor Bauer is also an associate professor at Macquarie University, and works tirelessly both in and out of these roles to build a strong community of practice through open-source technology, keynote presentations, and inclusive interdisciplinary collaborations.

Carlos Zambrano

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

Carlos Zambrano is a 10x (yep, ten times) AWS certified-cloud computing expert and technology leader. It’s no exaggeration to say that Carlos is passionate about everything related to AWS—with a focus on everything from Data and Analytics to DevOps and Machine Learning, Carlos loves to share his market-leading expertise by writing technical posts and talking about all things AWS on Medium and Dev.to. He also regularly creates videos, online classes, and workshops focused on the platform which have helped hundreds of people become AWS certified to date. And if all that wasn’t enough of a reason to give Carlos a follow, he’s also participated in AWS programs such as AWS Community Builders and is the first Colombian APN Ambassador for his work at Globant LLC!

Carlos Cortez

LinkedIn | Blog

Carlos Cortez is a certified AWS Community Hero with a decade of experience in AWS. Not only is he the founder and leader of AWS User Group Perú, but he’s also the owner of the first AWS Podcast in Latam, “Imperio Cloud” and “Al día con AWS.” With a love for helping others on the cloud journey, Carlos regularly creates content for emerging technologies, whether that’s through his insightful blogging or his videos series, DeepFridays, which educates followers in Reinforcement Learning.

Konstantinos Siaterlis

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

As Head of Data Engineering at Orfium, Konstantinos spends much of his day-to-day driving adoption and training on several AWS services. But his passion for mentoring others in the AWS community also extends outside of his role, seeing Konstantinos co-organize the AWS User Group Greece, which covers introductory topics of AWS Services along with hands-on examples. He’s also a keen blogger, regularly posting on TheLastDev, where he writes about data science and introductory tutorials on AWS Services.

Lyndon Leggate

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Lyndon Leggate is a must follow for anyone interested in seeing just how much fun you can have with AWS. Having previously worked on helping to make flying taxis a reality at Lilium, a unicorn start-up based in Germany (and yes, you read that correctly), Lyndon has been a keen participant in the AWS DeepRacer league since it launched in 2019. This led him to establish the AWS DeepRacer Community in 2019, a vibrant and rapidly growing network that encourages developers to share ideas and expand their collective knowledge and skills in machine learning through autonomous car racing!

Liz Fong-Jones

Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

Liz is a developer advocate, labor and ethics organizer, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with over 18 years of experience in the industry. As an AWS Community Hero, she regularly goes above and beyond to share her passion and knowledge for the tech with others, whether that’s by giving talks at big events, contributing to publications and videos, or featuring in interviews and podcasts.

We’re always on the lookout for more inspiring AWS influencers with a passion for the tech and a real love for supporting others in the community. If you know someone that ticks these boxes and should be on this list, why not drop us an email and tell us more about your favorite AWS influencers?

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