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Sr Data Analyst - PERM - HYBRID ROLE

USA, California

Job description

Sr Data Analyst - PERM - HYBRID ROLE


Data Analyst

Job Type: Perm

Location: Westlake Village, CA- HYBRID ROLE


Retail corporation seeking talented Data Analyst to be responsible for qualitative and quantitative analysis of enterprise-wide data. Ideal candidate will be affectively bridging the gap in communication between data scientists/ data engineers and stakeholders.


* Connect with business teams to capture and analyze complex business problems.
* Provide guidance and support on Self-Serve capabilities using Tableau and Redshift.
* Ideal candidate will be building statistical and regression models to support applications and will be part of a team operationalizing the model outcomes into user facing applications.
* Candidate should be more business savvy than Data Science savvy and will be involved in translating to stakeholders, figuring out issues and helping them deliver data stories better, in addition to hands-on involvement with data.
* Highly experienced in developing Tableau Dashboards and data models using custom sql, data extracts and real time integrations with Redshift data base
* Design/ Architect frameworks to Operationalize ML models through serverless architecture and support unsupervised continuous training models
* Take over and scale our data models (Tableau, Dynamo DB, Kibana)
* Communicate data-backed findings to a diverse constituency of internal and external stakeholders
* Participate in technical decisions and collaborate with talented peers.


* Experience in building unsupervised continuous learning models and work with data engineers to optimize and operationalize
* Tableau, Dynamo DB, Kibana
* Proficient in handling large volumes of data with excellent SQL skills
* Experience designing and implementing AWS big data and analytics solutions
* AWS (Services: Redshift, Lambda, Apache Pinot, Sage Make Kinesis/Kafka, S3, Glue and Athena)
* Streaming technologies and orchestration tools such as Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Kubernetes
* Advanced knowledge and experience in online transactional (OLTP) processing and analytical processing (OLAP) databases, data lakes, and schemas.
* Hands on experience building regression, classification, Deep learning models and taking it to production with good accuracy rates

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*Please Note: This is opportunity is not open for C2C, all candidate MUST be based in the US, and is open to candidates who do not need sponsorship. 3rd party applications will not be considered.*