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Software Engineering Manager - PERM - HYBRID ROLE

USA, California

Job description

Software Engineering Manager - PERM - HYBRID ROLE


Software Engineering Manager - PERM - HYBRID ROLE

Location: West Lake Village, CA


Do you thrive in a Fast-Paced, Hands-On environment where you can lead and inspire a team of talented engineers to create cutting-edge solutions using modern, cloud-native technology?


* Create and implement software development strategies that prioritize rapid prototyping and hands-on development, constantly pushing the envelope to deliver the most exciting products and solutions to our customers.
* Create reference architectures, POCs, evangelize design patterns & technical/operational best practices including DevSecOps, CI/CD pipelines and Containerization
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align software development initiatives with the overall business strategy, ensuring that our solutions are always centered around the customer experience
* Manage day-to-day operations of an engineering team and prioritize projects, balancing the need for experimentation with the delivery of high-quality solutions
* Stay ahead of the curve by exploring new technologies and development methodologies, constantly seeking new and better ways to enhance and expand our offerings by leveraging tech such as Apache Pinot, React, Java, and Node.js, in cloud capabilities such as AWS Lambda/EC2/ECS/EKS


* Extensive software development experience and product development
* Prior team lead or management experience a software development team
* Ecommerce experience is a MUST!
* Full Stack Development in JavaScript, React, Node or Java stack
* AWS (Lambda or serverless a must)
* Have a passion for exploring new technologies and development methodologies and the ability to get hands-on in architecture, coding, iterative prototyping, and maturing those into scalable, production applications
* Strong project management skills, budgeting, and vendor management, with quick experimentation and iterative delivery of high-quality digital products