A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: a0M1i00000X3G3rEAF_1705341039

IT Security Lead

Netherlands, South Holland

  • €84,000 to €96,000 EUR
  • Manager Role
  • Skills: AWS, Leadership, Security, Risk, Compliance, Ci/Cd
  • Level: Senior

Job description

IT Security Lead


IT Security Lead

The Role

* Advise and support the DevOps teams with regard to (cloud) security issues.
* Carry out awareness actions within the organisation. You do this together with colleagues from the security champions program.
* Translate policy into technical implementations.

As a Security Lead you are responsible for translating the security policy into technical preconditions within the development work of the development teams. You will therefore monitor and maintain this in your role. You deal with information security issues on a daily basis. In addition to drawing up the technical implementations, you are also responsible for delivering the solutions.

On offer

* Year-end bonus.
* 26 vacation days; and the option to purchase.
* Necessary tools and good secondary conditions; laptop, telephone, travel allowance, good pension scheme, holiday allowance, etc.
* Performance management; ownership of your own development, you are in charge, we facilitate.
* Plenty of room for creativity, innovation and own initiative; whether you work with us for a week, a month or a year, we are open to your ideas.
* Innovative working environment; we are "fast followers", as soon as there is adoption of new technology, we follow as an "early adopter" shortly afterwards.
* Unique and pleasant culture; we work together towards one goal in which we deliver value to the logistics community. You feel this in everything and you notice it in the collaboration.


* A helicopter view in overseeing security challenges. You know how to put this in perspective and prioritise it for development teams.
* You have experience in supporting and informing developers to implement security adjustments.
* Knowledge and work experience of AWS, such as IAM/Lambda, Fargate, EC2, VPC and Networking.
* You have an affinity with coding in Java or Python, for example, and your knowledge of code is up to date. You are therefore an excellent sparring partner for the Security Engineer yet to be recruited.
* The Security Engineer is responsible for the implementation of the solutions developed by you. You will therefore monitor and maintain this in your role.
* Knowledge in vulnerability management.
* Experience in translating compliance requirements into technical solutions.
* Experience in planning and supporting pen testing, this is a plus for the role.

**Fluency in Dutch is a firm requirement.**