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Software Engineer

United States Virgin Island

Job description

Software Engineer


This none profit was established in 1919 to promote greater safety to life and property through uniformity in the construction, installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection of pressure equipment. NBBI members are the chief boiler and pressure vessel inspectors representing most states and all provinces of North America and major cities in the United States. Members oversee adherence to laws, rules, and regulations related to the inspection, construction, and repair of pressure equipment.

Can be in any stack but ideally in the stack they are in
Key is to have the right aptitude
Problem Solvers - quick learners and self-motivated
Validate the resume - they will be asking questions around computer science if they have a computer science degree
If they worked on a technology - They need to be hands on with that bot just having their team work it
We did change the backend a little bit
Node.JS - Typescript
Using Mongo DB instead of MySQL

Culture Fit:
Excited about the project and owning their duties. Very personable.