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USA, California

Job description



The position of Senior Database Administrator is responsible for distributed database environments on the AWS Cloud Computing Services. You will understand business requirements and technical implementation of distributed services architectures and have demonstrated the ability to collaborate with engineering and product teams to define and implement broad, business-wide standards for the way databases are designed and implemented. You will lead the troubleshooting of critical issues related to the performance and scaling of databases.

* Develop data models to support system designs.
* Analyze the needs of an organization and produce an effective database system according to their needs and specifications. This includes collecting data, analyzing the data, designing algorithms, drawing flowcharts, and implementing code for the logic developed through the algorithms and flowcharts.
* Must be able to run performance testing procedures to ensure the proper operations of the database and to ensure that it's error-free.
* Develop and optimize tables using best practices for DDL, physical and logical tables, data partitioning, compression, and parallelization.
* Must be able to work with product and software development teams to gather and document requirements for data publishing and data consumption via data warehouse, data lake, and analytics solutions.
* Ability to take full ownership of availability and security of production data
* Demonstrate database management best practices
* Good organizational skills with the ability to track and prioritize numerous tasks
* Perform code reviews
* Be a beacon for quality code and best practices
* Ability to work with an offshore engineering team

* Working knowledge in database systems architecture, including networking, security, scaling, and fault-tolerance.
* Demonstrated experience/knowledge with Amazon Web Services including but not limited to RDS, S3/S3 Glacier, RedShift, DynamoDB/MongoDB, DMS, Elastic Cache, EC2/ECS, Lambda, Cognito, SQS/SNS, Key Management Services (KMS)
* Working knowledge of database internals such as locking, waiting for events, consistency, logging, and recovery
* Proficiency in tuning databases for performance, availability, scalability, and general database problem troubleshooting experience across all databases and operating system platforms.
* Demonstrated Experience with Database Partitioning, Mirroring, and Shading techniques.
* Experience in root cause analysis, remediation, and problem resolution for complex systems.
* Experience with automation of day-to-day activities like cloning, disaster recovery, user management, and enhancing monitoring
* Experience in large-scale data migrations, upgrades, archives, and backup and recovery strategies
* Experience providing technical leadership and mentoring other engineers for best practices in data engineering
* Experience in identifying and documenting risk areas and mitigation strategies for process and procedure activities
* Familiarity with high availability and scalability solutions such as replication, synchronization, and clustering would be an advantage
* Knowledge in Elastic Cache Management using Redis, Memcached, or equivalent is an advantage
* Nice to have exposure to data modeling, ETL development, and data warehousing/lakes
* Experience with data visualization using Tableau, Quick Sight, or similar tools is a plus
* Must be proactive, demonstrate initiative and be a logical thinker
* Must have experience with agile software development concepts and processes
* Experience using Jira & Bitbucket is a plus