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VP- Public Cloud Services Engineer

USA, New York

Job description

VP- Public Cloud Services Engineer


VP Level- Public Cloud Engineer

Architect and develop distributed systems

Define and develop necessary system enhancements to deploy new products and process enhancements

Design and implement foundational infrastructure components used by every engineering team in production (e.g. dynamic configuration, secrets storage, container orchestration, etc.)

Write high quality, well tested code to meet the needs of your customers (Java, Python, C++ or Ruby)

Incorporate testing and instrumentation into your development workflow to ensure a product is reliable and measurable

Create and maintain tools for code quality control: code review, testing, coverage, monitoring, notification

Understand Service Oriented Architecture applications and cloud-based services

Apply modern SDLC tools, branching strategies, and develop and apply CI/CD practices

Understand information modeling, data structures and algorithms

Understand maintenance characteristics, runtime properties and dependencies that exist in support of your system's software. These dependencies will include but not limited to hardware, platform, operating system, performance, and load requirements, as well as contingencies with upstream and downstream systems