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JAVA Public Cloud Services Engineer

USA, Texas

  • 100000 to 195000 USD
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: JAVA, REACT, SPRING, NoSQL, Terraform
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

JAVA Public Cloud Services Engineer


Looking For:
* Front-end AND back-end engineers with experience with cloud and major programming languages
o C14 would be 80/20 back-end.
* Cloud financial management experience is a bonus, not required
* DevOps inclined and aware - need end-to-end experience, not just code writers
* Don't need to be experts in Terraform, but do need at least an interest to learn and basic knowledge
* Need good CS fundamentals: Do they understand data structures and algorithms, etc?
* Looking for knowledge of Java, C#, or C++.

RE Algorithms:
* Nothing is algorithm heavy in what the team does, but day-to-day does include problem-solving that necessitates some algorithm knowledge.
* Best way to measure candidate: "Have they done things of significant size and scope of complexity in previous roles?"
o If yes, they will implicitly have good coding, data structure, and algorithm capabilities.
o If they have only worked on simple things then it is difficult to imply that, based on past experience, they will have the algorithm skills.
* If they check all the other boxes but this, the candidate is still worth talking to

Public Cloud Services Engineer

Our Public Cloud Services Organization is laser focused on building a reliable, resilient, secure Public Cloud Infrastructure our internal clients and developers can consume with confidence. Critical to our success is talent that wants to deliver only the best solutions and has the patience and determination to do so in a highly regulated industry. We're looking for Software Engineers at all levels. You can be individual contributor, anchor new projects, and/or lead technical direction and mentor other engineers on the team. We collaborate across multiple organizations, helping our engineers think big and develop solutions that mitigate risk. Our engineering team leverages a diverse tech stack and our focus is finding smart engineers who've worked on complex projects.

We have multiple openings across a variety of technical pillars. Here are a few examples:

Public Cloud Data Engineering is responsible for providing platform solutions across AWS (e.g. AWS Aurora, AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis, AWS DynamoDB), Google (e.g. Cloud Spanner, BigQuery) and SaaS data services (MongoDB Atlas, Snowflake). Team members will be involved in architecture & design, infrastructure review processes, writing of Terraform modules for IAC provisioning, integration with internal systems, and writing of microservices required to support workflow automation for each data service.
Public Cloud Platform provides container orchestration environments to application teams, responsible for the architecture and implementation of a global, multi-cloud solution.
Public Cloud Infrastructure Services team builds software defined infrastructure solutions and owns the design and implementation of standard infrastructure capabilities including the creation and management of the public cloud account/project as well as all of the compute, storage, and network services utilized in the accounts.
Public Cloud Developer Experience builds front-door services for cloud developers to enhance their local development experience and enable them to deploy both infrastructure and applications to the cloud. The team is responsible for tooling around the desktop experience (software packaging), infrastructure builds and deployments (Terraform Enterprise, Jenkins, Pipelines, OpenShift) and application deployments (Jenkins, Harness).

Serve as a Cloud technology subject matter expert for internal and external stakeholders and provide direction for all firm mandated controls and compliance initiatives, all projects within the group and in creating a technology domain roadmap
Architect and develop distributed systems
Define and develop necessary system enhancements to deploy new products and process enhancements
Design and implement foundational infrastructure components used by every engineering team in production (e.g. dynamic configuration, secrets storage, container orchestration, etc.)
Write high quality, well tested code to meet the needs of your customers (Java, Python, C++ or Ruby)
Apply modern SDLC tools, branching strategies, and develop and apply CI/CD practices
Understand information modeling, data structures and algorithms
Understand maintenance characteristics, runtime properties and dependencies that exist in support of your system's software. These dependencies will include but not limited to hardware, platform, operating system, performance, and load requirements, as well as contingencies with upstream and downstream systems
Provide technical structure to teams and work closely with management and stakeholders to define strategic roadmaps
Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines, and deliverables with your technical expertise
Mentor and train other team members on design techniques and coding standards
Impact the engineering function by influencing decisions through advice, counsel or facilitating services
Recommend product customization for system integration
Identify problem causality, business impact and root causes
Exhibit knowledge of how own specialty area contributes to the business and apply knowledge of competitors, products, and services
Appropriately assess risk when business decisions are made, demonstrating particular consideration for the firm's reputation and safeguarding its clients and assets, by driving compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, adhering to Policy, applying sound ethical judgment regarding personal behavior, conduct and business practices, and escalating, managing and reporting control issues with transparency.