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AWS Architect

USA, New York

Job description

AWS Architect


Job Description

AWS Architect- Kafka, AWS, Java background

* Deep experience in Cloud Platforms such as IBMCloud, AWS, or Azure
* Deep experience in Container Orchestration with OpenShift or other Kubernetes distribution
* Deep experience in Microservices Development with Java Frameworks such as Quarkus or Spring Boot
* Deep experience with Apache Kafkasuch as AWS MSK, Confluent, or IBM Event Streams
* Serverless Platforms such as Knative, IBMCode Engine, or AWS Lambda
* Apache Kafka
* NoSQL Databases such as DynamoDB, MongoDB, or Apache Cassandra
* API Management Tools such as AWS API Gateway or IBMAPI Connect
* DevOps Pipelines such as Jenkins or Tekton
* Infrastructure as Code Tools such as Terraform or AWS CloudFormation