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Sr Devops Engineer - Remote (3321KB)

USA, Texas

Job description

Sr Devops Engineer - Remote (3321KB)



* Extend existing Terragrunt, Terraform & Ansible based tools to meet the requirements of in house engineering and offshore teams
* Maintain and improve existing CI infrastructure (Jenkins)
* Automate or codify repetitive tasks in order to aid workflows of team members
* Maintain and update test and production environments for company's web applications
* Manage legacy tooling while migrating apps to newer tooling (containerization, etc.)
* Create and maintain centralized logging and alerting solutions
* Respond promptly to production alerts and follow up with post-mortem assessments
* Automate creation of development & test environments
* Collaborate with DBA in creation & maintenance of staging environments
* Maintain microservice infrastructure on AWS ECS and EKS
* Maintain resiliency of the production environment and disaster recovery options
* Experience with Packer AMIs and Docker infrastructure a must
* Proactively determine requirements for new projects
* Continuously monitor and optimize costs
* Maintain virtual machine environments on EC2 for other departments

Technologies you will use:

* EC2, ECS, ECR, EKS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Packer, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, Terragrunt, Terraform, Jsonnet, Tomcat, Spring / Spring Boot, React, DataDog, MongoDB, MariaDB, Aurora RDS MySQL 5.7


* Mastery of Linux including configuration, networking, hardening, shells, package management, and scripting
* Experience working with Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Jenkins, & Tomcat required, Terragrunt & Jsonnet are a plus
* 5+ years of experience working with Amazon Web Services
* 3+ years of experience working with microservices in production environments
* Experience working with AWS ECS and dynamic environment creation, Kubernetes is a
* plus but not required
* Experience with email security and delivery services
* Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases a plus
* Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well across multiple departments
* Knowledge of performance or security testing a plus