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DevOps Engineer

USA, District of Columbia

Job Description

DevOps Engineer


Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote $160k

Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote $160k

Looking for a DevOps Engineer willing to work remotely for $160k. The DevOps Engineer will be part developer, part operations, all continuous integration and delivery expert.

The Role:

You will be integral to the design, set up, automation, and maintenance of our entire integration and delivery pipeline. You should have a deep software development background married with effective intercommunication skills to promote compromise with developers, support engineers, customers, and senior management. You will be embedded within the development teams, working with our clients and other engineers and developers gathering requirements, architecting and communicating an end-to-end, automated CI/CD pipeline.

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

* Gathering requirements to understand the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish regarding DevOps/CI/CD.
* Work closely with a team of developers and QA engineers, understand and anticipate the agile infrastructure needs of the development and testing processes.
* Work with modern automation and configuration management tool to automate DevOps tasks such as code checking, software builds, smoke testing, server provisioning, and distributed system installations and builds moving through multiple environments.
* Enable Developers and Operations to build and deploy applications to multiple environments quickly and rapidly with "one button click" ease.
* Drive improvements to our build and release scripts, tools, and processes. Drive improvements to our build and release scripts, tools, and processes.

What the Company is Looking for in You:

* 10+ years' experience in overall software development and distributed applications
* AWS Solutions Architect (Professional) or AWS DevOps Engineer (Professional) required
* 8+ years' experience in a specifically DevOps role supporting developers by providing infrastructure, maintaining CI/CD systems
* Experience working in an agile environment
* Education and work experience: Bachelor's Degree in a related field
* Previous experience with:
o Docker, AWS ECS, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, and Fargate
o CI tools such as Jenkins
o deployment management technologies such as CloudFormation and Ansible