Ref: WRL16/02_1676567285

Sr Infrastructure Engineer


  • SEK 55,000 to SEK 70,000 SEK
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: TypeScript, Node.js, React.js, Apache Kafka, AWS, DataDog, CloudFormation
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Sr Infrastructure Engineer


Job Description

We are excited to be partnered with a truly innovative company that represents a multi-pronged effort to overhaul the mindset towards healthcare across the Nordics.

On a mission to radically overhaul the current state of the healthcare system, this company is going through an internal overhaul of their own - migrating to an all new, microserviced, events-driven architecture that utilises the immense processing capacities of AWS.

With a wide range of openings to consider, this particular post is regarding their infrastructure engineering openings.

Role & Responsibilities

* Working on a large scale digital transformation involving the full SDLC, with a range of greenfield projects involving new application development, architecture designs, and a migration of the entire infrastructure
* Taking ownership over the organisation's AWS infrastructure, extending the current reach and optimising with further usage of FarGate, CloudFormation, and ECS amongst many more!
* Implementing monitoring solutions to ensure tracability within the events-based architecture; currently utilising CloudFormation and DataDog

Skills & Qualifications

* 5+ years of professional experience working within an infrastructure focused role
* Prior experience working within microserviced and events-driven architecture (ideally with Apache Kafka, Pub/Sub, KubeMQ are all valued alternatives)
* Experience of working within a cloud-native infrastructure; ideally with an understanding of FarGate and ECS


* Standard ITP2 Pensions combined with workplace safety insurances
* High value options package within the company
* Standard access to all the E-health solutions provided by the organisation