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GoLang developer - leveraging Big Data for fair pay


Job description

GoLang developer - leveraging Big Data for fair pay


So this company are really cool, they work with huge industry names from the music industry to track millions of data points across the globe, visualise the data, and provide a new perspective on the exposure their art receives.

Run by a CEO that has been with the company for 17 years, this is a rare company that focuses on providing an incredible place to work in the belief that people who enjoy their work are more likely to work harder.

Looking to expand their current team after recently being acquired by a huge record label, they have a clear road map for the future - based around state of the art, solutions-focused technology being deployed across the internet to manage, track, and measure who is interacting with music.

Looking to work with Big Data? Looking to join a company that is clearly going places? Then this is the role for you!!

Skills & Qualifications

* 3 years of professional experience working with Golang / Node.js
* Professional experience with database management (MongoDB, SQL, or NoSQL are preferred)
* Understanding of the React.js framework is a big plus


* Incredible company culture, a CEO that built the company, colleagues who love the company, and a Big Data system that IS the company!
* Opportunities to acquire some seniority in a rapid fashion; projections for company growth mean they are looking for hungry, determined individuals to pick up extra responsibility and even build a team!
* Take control of your position; control what you build, have a voice and make it heard!