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Node.js developer - Bringing transparency to the music industry


Job description

Node.js developer - Bringing transparency to the music industry


Our client is working on behalf of some MAJOR names in the music industry to address one of the major pain points experienced by anyone who releases a piece of art online... WHO is seeing the work I am doing?

Well, my client is working on providing an answer to that very question; finally addressing an issue that has plagued artists since the very start of the dot-com boom!

One of my favourite things about this company is there fantastic company culture; it is a rare instance to hear a CEO say that their whole aim is to make work feel like you are at home, which should give you an insight into how much their team enjoys working there!!

Role & Responsibilities

* You will work on a system that is so complex that it must be able to track billions of data points every day across the vast expanse of the online space; building systems in Golang
* You will focus your technological knowledge to build a system that can accommodate incredibly velocity and performance in an incredibly dynamic setting
* You will develop an entirely unique platform that is seeking to address the incredible costs associated with tracking, managing, and visualising the sheer amount of data that is collected

Skills & Qualifications

* Strong Golang experience, having built system and knowing the language well enough to build a system from scratch
* Database management experience; preferably with either MongoDB or SQL
* Any react knowledge is a big plus; front-end knowledge isn't essential but will assist your application


* Join a company that has a clear road map for growth, with key checkpoints on their path to growth; this is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated, hungry candidate to really stake a claim for tech lead positions further down the line!
* Join a company with an amazing company culture; not just a really cool platform with prestigious customers, but just a really pleasant place to come and do some coding!!!

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