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Technical PreSales Architect - AWS Partner

Belgium, Antwerp

  • Negotiable
  • Sales Role
  • Skills: Pre-Sales, Presales Architect
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Technical PreSales Architect - AWS Partner


Technical Pre-Sales Architect

AWS Partner

Senior Salary & Benefits

Flemish Region & Brussels

Let's be honest, when it comes to Public Cloud, Amazon has the most popular and reliable platform all across the BeNeLux market, with statistics that clearly confirm that. Hence, if you want to have a lasting career in I.T, together with continues growth that will help you being always popular and never obsolete, you have to work with AWS. So, if you open to becoming a Pre-Sales Architect for the #1 AWS Partner, read below.

The role

Two clarifications before we see the role in detail:

1 - By "technical" we mean that you have the technical knowledge to conduct technical discussions with the clients up to a certain level. You won't need to do hands-on technical work yourself. For deeper technical dives, the Partner always includes a Cloud Engineer or Architect.

2 - Previous experience in AWS isn't necessary. It's a massive benefit if you have such experience, but if you don't have the Partner will train you accordingly.

* As a Pre-Sales Architect, you'll be helping customers understand how they can leverage the AWS cloud to achieve business goals. Some tasks include preparation of offers, technical drawings, calculation for cost estimates for licensing and product sales as well as professional services (deployment, migration, implementation, etc.). So we need someone with a broad knowledge of I.T in order to be able to do such discussions with the clients.
* You'll provide technical assistance and guidance during the pre-sales process by identifying customers' technical and business requirements, prior to designing a solution, consulting with technical teams about capabilities, and supporting business sales teams, account managers and partners on proposal activities. translating technical features into tangible customer business benefits to a variety of SME to Enterprise customers.
* You're going to have high-level tech discussions with the customers, so we definitely need someone with advanced communication skills. You should be good in talking with the customer and convincing them that our offer is the best.
* Character-wise, if you're tech-savvy with a touch of sassiness, you'll fit perfectly in the team. No need for formalities, you'll join a cool team that is down to Earth.
* It's a big bonus that comes in very handy if you already have a network. If not, don't worry, you'll build it.

To answer your questions

* There is a variety of customers. Others go for the first time on the Cloud, others are migrating to AWS from another cloud. There are existing and new clients too, Enterprises, scale-ups, SMEs, literally everything.
* Flexible locations, anywhere in the Flemish Region, from Ghent all the way to Limburg, and some in Brussels. You will work for one-two days per week in the office, and the rest is divided between going to customer and remote.
* Start date - Any time, but the sooner the better.
* Interview processes - Two meetings and then you get an employment offer, nice, easy and fast.
* Type of contract - Permanent only, under the company's payroll. The position isn't open for freelancers.
* Salary and benefits - It's a Senior role so you're going to get paid a Senior's salary, together with all the standard benefits in Belgium, including of course a company car (Tesla is an option) and a bonus.
* You definitely need to be fluent in both Dutch and English.


Sounds good? It's true. Contact me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos, at for a free consultation and we can discuss more details together - No strings attached. Or Better Call Paul at +3228081878