Ref: TGFS01/11_1667242818

GoLang Engineer - Digital Streaming


  • SEK 50,000 to SEK 70,000 SEK
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: GoLang, React, TypeScript, GCP, PostGresQL
  • Level: Senior

Job description

GoLang Engineer - Digital Streaming


Job Description

We are very excited to be working closely with a Stockholm based organisation that is on a journey towards building a next generation platform for the streaming of high quality browser based videogames.

Currently made up a compact, highly efficient team, the working culture is very inviting and everyone is focused on building great products for the end user.

This role will see you working in a highly collaborative environment, shipping new games on a weekly basis. Further to this, the company has an internal policy that provides a sense of ownership to developers over the games they produce.

Role & Responsibilities

* Develop and maintain multi-platform libraries and tools for game studios.
* Troubleshoot and help out game studios integrate our libraries and use our tools.
* Evaluate and communicate the pros, cons and costs of each potential solution or implementation

Skills & Qualifications

* Strong GoLang experience, or alternatively experienced in backend code of similar languages
* Experience of React and JavaScript/Typescript codebases, ideally within client-side web apps
* Experience of developing multiplatform code, preferably browser and mobile based


* Highly Competitive Market Salary
* 30.000 SEK hardware budget + 4.000 SEK wellness allowance
* Provisins for private pensions, healthcare, personal insurances