Ref: SR15/07_1594825207

Quality Assurance Engineer - save lives with code


  • 45000 to 55000 SEK
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: Quality Assurance, Test automation, AWS Lambda, .NET, C#, Javascript react,
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Quality Assurance Engineer - save lives with code


Are you a systems tester, QA engineer, or test leader and feel as though something is lacking in your current day to day work? Do you want to develop yourself within a rapidly expanding company that finds itself right at the precipice of cutting edge technology? Maybe you want to contribute some good to the world and actually contribute to saved lives?

If so, then our client will be eager to speak with you. They are seeking a Lead Quality Assurance engineer to join their organisation and revolutionise their entire culture of Quality Assurance; someone with ambition enough to fully explore all of their systems whilst identifying core strengths and critical weaknesses.

The main responsibilities are to cover the release of alarm and event management programs for security and IOT. Ensuring the organisation's products retain a consistently high value through means such as;

* acceptance testing of all customer products
* automating deployments for API, front-end and User Interface testing
* building and supplementing robust test environments
* working hand in hand with developers to identify deviations during production

This is a leading role within a fast growing organisation that has gone through organic year-on-year growth, a journey that has seen their sales increase from the low thousands in 2016, all the way to 3 million a month in 2020. To quote their CEO, all of the leading roles employed today will take a truly active role in shaping the culture, identity, and direction of this organisation moving forward.

Required experience:

* 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance Engineering
* Experience with multiple testing tools is essential (Selenium, appium, Cucumber, Postman, etc)
* Experience with AWS required, all systems are currently hosted on AWS.
* Mobile testing experience desirable.