Ref: SBE CZ2_1652902797

Senior Backend Engineer

USA, Colorado

Job description

Senior Backend Engineer

SBE CZ2_1652902797


We are looking for a Senior Backend engineer to work for a leading Cloud partner who is helping to make innovate cloud driven efficiency by putting SaaS companies in control of their costs.

We are looking for people with a passion for building cloud-native architectures that are scalable and maintainable. We're looking for people who are comfortable leveraging cloud services when building solutions so that you can focus on solving customer problems.

The Job:

This is a full time remote position with a competitive base salary + healthcare, dental, vision and equity.

You will:

* Design, build and maintain APIs, services, and systems for our main application.
* Build to scale as we bring in users with larger datasets and bigger organizations.
* Write readable code that is easy to maintain and extend.
* Collaborate with other engineers on your team to build features that solve real customer problems.


* You have experience building APIs and complex backend systems in the cloud.
* You have experience managing and manipulating data at scale.
* You have a passion for building and delivering high-quality software.
* Python experience is a must.
* You are comfortable working 9-5 EST - we have a fair amount of flexibility for people to get their work done whenever works for them, but our core hours are Eastern Timezone.