Ref: RS072120SPML_1595342331

Machine Learning Engineer

USA, Illinois

Job Description

Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer

A rising data and sports focused company in Chicago is currently seeking a Machine Learning engineer to join their team. If you have a passion for sports, numbers, and finding data driven solutions, this is the perfect job for you.

Roles and Responsibilities

* Build out Machine Learning platform and support AI and data science cases
* Data prep, data generation. Optimization, experimentation, deployment, end to end workflow management
* Enable ML and deep learning capabilities
* Contribute to capabilities around data programming, data augmentation (transformation function), active learning (slicing function) for training data, and transfer learning
* Identify, assess and implement 3rd party technologies that may complement company's capabilities, and accelerate advancement of critical features; maintain strong collaborative relationships with 3rd party technology providers


* Computer Science or related degree (Bachelors, MS, or PhD)
* 3+ years experience in data & analytics or machine learning and data science
* Strong communication and collaborative skills
* Team player
* Experience in projects involving large scale multi-dimensional datastore, complex business infrastructure, and cross-functional teams, and track-record of successfully launched ML projects in production
* In-depth working knowledge of cloud infrastructure such as AWS or Google Cloud
* Familiarity with common machine learning algorithms (random forest, XGBoost, etc.)
* Hands on experience with building enterprise grade machine learning and data platforms
* Experience in integrating with internal and external complex systems that are able to scale and demonstrate security, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency

Salary: $150,000/year

Our client is looking for a strong cultural fit that will hit the ground running and help their team advance and innovate in the field of sports data technologies.

Apply ASAP, contact me at (312) 651-3026 or