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AWS Java Software Engineer


Job description

AWS Java Software Engineer


Role: Java Software Engineer

Office location: Antwerp, In-house role, day remote, Vendor Company.

They are a well-funded start-up with a solid B2B business use case that targets companies with large fleets and that are already using fleet management devices and software. They try to integrate with as many providers of such services as possible, to be able to connect as many fleets as possible.

One of my favourite companies to recruit for, the technologies they use can summarize as: Java, Scala, Akka, Postgres, Postgis, AWS (ECS, AWS EB, SQS, S3) Spring Boot, Feign, Hystrix, Prometheus, continuous builds using bitbucket, Maven, SBT. Experience with other distributed computing tools (Kakfa, VertX, Kinesis, etc) is relevant. In terms of attitude, they are happy to welcome in the team autonomous, no nonsense, team players.

Their goal is to build a stable team to support an online service. The team is composed of one front-end dev, one full stack mobile app dev, one product owner/dev, one devops, two back-end dev and one tech lead. The team atmosphere can be described as collaborative, horizontal, persevering but laid back, and at times a bit silly. Working hours are flexible in the limit of team coherence, they work one day from home. Once in a while they try to go out for a team activity: lunch, or dinner and some drinks, if you are so inclined.

Don't hesitate to contact me at: or +31202418533.