Ref: QR03/03_1677860257

Senior GoLang Engineer - Sustainability


  • SEK 65,000 to SEK 80,000 SEK
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: GoLang, AWS MQTT, IoT, SQL
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Senior GoLang Engineer - Sustainability


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

* Building the core solution and expanding from a very small codebase - getting intimately involved with database architecture and the construction of IoT pipelines to a cloud-native MQTT platform
* Handling large volume data-sets within a time series database, interpreting the data and ensuring it is monitored correctly as it is migrated to the relevant data repo
* Designing and building forecasting solutions for production and price gauging - which will then advance into designing bidding solutions and strategies

Skills & Qualifications

* Strong experience of working in and building up complex backend solutions using GoLang
* Experience of working with architecture - ideally with involvement during the initial setting up of architectural models
* Cloud experience is essential, ideally with exposure to IoT related solutions (AWS Greengrass/MQTT, Azure IoT)


* Very Strong salary models with Equity as a bonus on top
* Hardware allowance in line with market expectations
* Pensions, personal insurances