Ref: PyFS300922_1664545934

Fullstack Developer - Biotech SaaS - 5000€ - Remote

Belgium, Antwerp

Job description

Fullstack Developer - Biotech SaaS - 5000€ - Remote


Software Developer

Python & Angular/Typescript

Product Development - SaaS

Flemish Brabant

How do you define sexy?

For us, making a positive impact through our work is sexy. In a product development organization in the Flemish Brabant, there is a team of visionary developers who is developing a data management platform addressed to those professionals whose work is to cure cancer and treat genetic diseases. How do they do that exactly? By creating a software solution that assists them in managing and analysing the already complex production processes these therapies require.

We're looking for a motivated developer who has enjoys hands-on work and working side-by-side with the CTO and the dev team. The ideal candidate has experience with:

* Python to use for backend development and data analytics. A nice bonus is Django.
* Frontend skills in Typescript/Angular for the beauty of the frontend part.
* Fluency in English and an academic degree.
* Energy and perseverance!

If you don't work with Python & Angular but other languages such as Java, .Net, React, Vue and you're happy to change to Python & Angular, please feel free to apply.

On top of the technical skills, the ideal developer enjoys a stimulating working environment, is highly motivated, and aspires to become a key-player in the growth of the company, which is guaranteed that will result to his/her personal growth as well.

The role offers:

* In-house work, flexible hours and 3-4 remote work days. And of course, a competitive salary (usually up to a range of 3700 - 5000 tailored to your seniority level) and several benefits (all the standards in Belgium, such as net allowance, health & group insurance, mobility allowance or a company car with a flexible income plan arrangement, internet, meal vouchers etc).

In this role, be prepared to go deep technical. You'll be improving the quality of the code, the security, scalability etc. In essence, you'll be responsible for setting up and managing projects that will eventually help the bio-tech organizations to develop innovative therapies for cancer and genetic diseases. That's as good as it can get.

Few details about the product

This product development house provides a platform that assists bio-tech organizations with managing process data efficiently. It is a modular Software as a Service for organizations that specialize in biomanufacturing and have lots of data on their plate. Their platform is designed in such a way to help organizations achieve an agile digitisation with increased data integrity and automation. Think about it as the back office of every company. Once the data are collected and structured, the software offers extensive possibilities like, among others, automated reporting, predictive analytics and process comparison.

Interview Process

Fast and easy, you reach out to me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos at, and I bring you in touch with the CTO for a video interview. If positive, you visit them one time at the office to discuss numbers and meet the team. Starting date is flexible, so, if you're interested, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!