Ref: MZ01/05_1681479280

Full-Stack Web Developer - AWS


  • SEK 40,000 to SEK 55,000 SEK
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: Node.js, Python, Flask, AWS, S3, EC2, Lambda
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Full-Stack Web Developer - AWS


One of the major drivers in the automotive sector in recent years has been in the domain of Electric Vehicles.

Unsurprising of course, as we have realised for decades the impact of fossil fuels, and so steps to transition towards more eco-friendly means of powering vehicles has been a substantial focus.

When it comes to the minerals used in these kinds of batteries (Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, etc), the methods through which companies currently extract them from the Earth has remained largely unchanged for an incredibly long time.

Consequently, the root source of how we power EV batteries remains largely unfriendly to the environment, simply due to the sheer inefficiencies within our current methods of assessing what lays beneath out feet.

We are very excited to be partnered with a company that is looking to change this! Utilising Radar, Lasers, X-Rays to gather a phenomenal amount of raw data from the ground, they are able to significantly reduce the environmental cost of the mining sector - and seeing great success in doing so!

Role & Responsibilities

* Directly managing in-cloud infrastructure - aiming to ensure optimised environments, stable deployments, and generally making more sophisticated use of AWS solutions
* Designing, building and deploying new features across the company's stack; from web-applications, point cloud visualisations, and even getting to grips with Augmented/Virtual Reality
* Directly working on the 3D visualisation software based on complex datasets gathered from scanning rare Earth mineral ores

Skills & Qualifications

* 4+ years of professional experience working within back-end web-development; ideally with Python/Flask OR Node.js
* Similar level of experience working with front-end solutions - experience with Three.js is a significant advantage in this role
* Strong experience working within AWS infrastructures, with a desire to take a large degree of control over the company's AWS account


* Private Pensions, Exception Healthcare/insurances
* Financial advice sessions, regular educational courses/certifications
* Hardware allowance, wellness allowance