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Frontend and Backend Developer


  • 5000 to 5500 EUR
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: TypeScript/JavaScript/React, Ruby, Kotlin, Java,
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Frontend and Backend Developer


Front End/Back End Developer (TypeScript, React), €5000/5500 (plus bonus 5% of salary)- Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

You will be working with one of the most well-known Consultancies in Finland, working for the frontend code of web applications or the backend consisting of implementing new features. This position can be focused on a wide variety of challenges or involve other kinds of development, depending on your interests.

Backend Responsibilities

* You will be working on parts of their software which is written in Java (v11 currently), Kotlin and JRuby
* You will be implementing new features including calculation algorithms and data structures
* You will be able to profile and optimize these new features to improve them
* This company uses their own in-house-built memory database for data storage, storing tens of billions of rows of data. To achieve high availability and horizontal scalability, this is deployed on a clustered platform. You will be emphasising concurrency and parallelization using functional and immutable paradigms together with efficient memory usage

Backend requirements

* Years of experience in Java (v11 currently), Kotlin and Ruby
* Legitimate interest in implementing complex algorithms in Java
* You can solve nontrivial problems in a performant way
* When it comes to CPU and memory usage, you will know the pros and cons of different data structures are, and how to measure it
* Valuable: previous experience working with large databases and understanding the importance of writing a good covering test and doing thorough code reviews
* Being open-minded and eager to learn new things is a big plus

Frontend Responsibilities

* Writing code and automated tests
* You will be writing documentation, doing code reviews, bug fixes, re-factoring and improving code quality
* You will be involved with planning new features and solutions to identified issues
* You will be collaborating within the team with other internal teams
* Involvement within agile team practices and the development of them


* Years of experience in TypeScript React in the frontend, Ruby in the backend (API layer). The frontend currently interacts with already developed and used JSON API'S, and soon GraphQL
* Several years of experience in software development
* Experience in TypeScript/ JavaScript/ React
* Having appreciation towards clean and maintainable code and reliable software
* Have experience working in an agile software development team
* To have an interest in developing oneself and to share knowledge with others
* Have efficient verbal and written communication skills in English
* Experience with big codebases to debug, maintain and improve


* Experience in d3
* Experience in Cypress
* Experience in GraphQL
* Experience in CI pipelines
* Experience or knowledge of Ruby or Kotlin
* Enthusiasm towards improving frontend code performance

This company is showing continuous improvement of employees, providing paid days off to up-skill employees. There are 8 offices with 600+ people of 42 different nationalities, showing growth and culture within the company.

If this seems like the role for you contact me via email at or call me on +358 75 3263948 for more information.

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