Ref: JFISCDEVOPSENG2710TR_1666857263

SC Cleared AWS DevOps Engineer

England, London

Job description

SC Cleared AWS DevOps Engineer


The Company

Our client is a specialist data engineering, digital and cloud consultancy, who focus on digital transformation programmes. Their aim is to deliver value using innovative approaches that improve and expand their capabilities as well as their offerings to their own clients. With the ever growing demand of our clients services, with their continued growth and success within their market, they are now looking for multiple talented AWS DevOps Engineers to join their cloud team.

The Role

This is an exciting opportunity where you will have the opportunity to work with high profile clients, working collaboratively with them, analysing their existing processes, identifying, and implementing opportunities to optimise these processes. In this role you will have the opportunity to develop solutions to improve existing capabilities or creating entirely new capabilities.

This role will predominantly be in a Linux based environment, collaborating with the team to review specifications and then use these agreed specifications to create infrastructure or scripts on AWS using the right tools such as Terraform, and CloudFormation.

You will architect, implement and manage continuous delivery pipelines on AWS to ensure the team can deliver code frequently whilst maintaining quality.

Key Responsibilities:

* Engaging in and improve the whole life cycle of services, from inception and design, through deployment, operation, and refinement utilising platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes

* Implementing systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform.

* Supporting development teams with build & deployment best practices e.g. branching strategy, testing methodology, CI/CD and pipelines.

* Designing, managing and maintaining tools to automate operational processes.

* Implementing and automating security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.

* Defining and deploying monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS using AWS native services and/or the ELK stack.

* Supporting the automation of test cases and embedding these within delivery pipelines to ensure code remains robust.


* Proven experience of working on relevant system administration and/or DevOps projects
* Hands-on experience with AWS services including VPCs, ELBs, Route 53, RDS, CloudWatch, IAM, EC2, Lambda, etc.
* Experience of working with the command line in Linux, creating Bash scripts
* Experienced with configuration and management of version control software
* Experienced of amending and writing Infrastructure as code templates, using Terraform or CloudFormation
* Experience with containerisation and orchestration, using tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.
* Excellent ability to debug and optimise code and automate routine tasks
* Solid Linux and/or Windows system administration experience
* Networking experience, CIDR, TCP/UDP, IP, tcpdump
* Software engineering skills (such as Git, Bash, Python, Go, Java, Ruby)
* Experience with the ELK stack, capable of configuring a greenfield implementation for clients.
* Experience of working within large, complex and geographically dispersed programmes.
* Working within an agile context with the use of CI (continuous improvement)
* Articulate a logical design, and understand how this translates to physical infrastructure
* Experience with defining and working with the constraint of NFRs such as cost, scalability, availability
* Must have skills will determine how well they will be able to integrate into our way of working and the principals we use when making strategic and long-term decisions

To be considered:

* Must have an active SC Clearance or be SC Eligible.

* For us to send your profile to the client, please format your CV following the structure below, before sending your CV. This has been requested by the end client.

CV Components:

* The CV should start with a profile of yourself, including mentions what you are looking for in your work, and the goals you would like to achieve - no more than 6-8lines
* Technologies and tools used should be listed and then included in the experience sections
* Section on Interests and hobbies (outside of work)

Please ensure any tech stack listed in the job spec, if you have worked with it, there are clear mentions of this within your experiences.

Please note for this role, the client is looking to on board multiple candidates for this position, so please do not hesitate to share this role within your network. If you are interested in going ahead with this role please send me your CV with the changes made following the above, to