Ref: JFI1102_1613163617

Freelance Frontend Developer


Job description

Freelance Frontend Developer


Planned start date for project is 1.4.2021

We are launching a new web interface for our HPC solution. The design and layout (=html and css) for this new web interface have already been implemented, but the frontend part does not exist. The purpose of this new web interface is to interact with an existing backend (java + postgres). This existing backend will be updated/changed based on what is needed to get the new frontend to work as intended.

Scope of work:

1) Design and implement a frontend for the new web interface using a suitable framework, such as react.js perhaps.

2) While designing and implementing 1), new backend methods (=java) will need to implemented to our existing backend. These new backend methods will primarily be implemented by our internal developer. These backend methods would be implemented based on Freelancer's request, in other words, Mark would tell us what sort of data he needs from the backend and we would implement it.

3) If everything goes well, Freelancer could also implement the backend methods (=java) himself so he would be able to work on the backend + frontend parts.