Ref: JFI-SDUCE-170221_1613555678

Software Developer & UC Fulfillment Engineer

England, London

Job description

Software Developer & UC Fulfillment Engineer


Software Developer and Unified Communications (UC) Fulfilment Engineer

Accountabilities: The software developer and UC Fulfilment Engineer is responsible for designing, refactoring and optimising the automated workflow of UC billing. The Engineer will belong to an Agile Squad and improve the UC Billing Data Alignment script for Large Public and Private Sector Customers deployed in the Unified Communications Domain.

Product Description: The products in the Unified Communication Domain are offered to Large Enterprise customers and the flagship product. It is a managed Unified Communications service that intelligently brings together different forms of communication and collaboration into a single system. The services are available with a national but also a multi-national reach in Europe and worldwide.

This position will provide support, design and improve existing communication system with a multinational and global scope and specifically improve the fulfilment factory for that flagship product by enhancing the automated workflow of billing processes.

Deliverables: The engineer will deliver low level technical designs and the required developments to enable the billing automated workflow for UC Public & Private Sector Customers according to the agreed plan, working effectively with other teams like Billing or IT.

* Software review / Understanding of Billing Automation Workflow from VOSS4UC to billing systems
* Re-factoring / re-programming billing data alignment script
* QA - Test the code and provide support to the relevant teams
* Documentation & Hand-over to the relevant teams

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

* Experience in design and deployment of UC Management Systems with knowledge in:

* VOSS Systems: VOSS4UC and NBI
* Cisco HCS is advantageous

* IT process Automation and workflow development:

* Programming languages: Python
* Version control and CICD: Git
* Jupyter Notebooks
* Microsoft Excel and csv files

* Good experience in design and integration into high order operational and billing systems

* SFDC will be advantageous
* Ability to work to deadlines and using AGILE methodologies: SAFE, Scrum
* Confluence, Jira