Ref: JFI-ACD-110221_1613069602

AWS Developer

England, London

Job description

AWS Developer


Job Description

Working for a leading digital and social inclusion charity on a new greenfield project to develop a next generation online learning platform.

Role & Responsibilities

* Be an integrated remote part of the development team to provide consultancy and be an authority on platform development
* Develop outstanding build components for the alpha of the next generation learning platform
* Validate and iterate, but not change the current design in ways that would impact our ability to deliver to a tight deadline
* Input new and innovative ideas into the team to support the product and internal team development
* Build the configuration of the platform to allow multi-locale deployment
* Produce clear technical documentation of the solution

Key Skills & Experience

* AWS technologies:

* Lambda
* DynamoDB
* Cognito
* S3
* Codebuild

* Terraform - infrastructure as code
* Javascript/Typescript
* Strong background in Git
* Multi locale / multi-lingual deployments
* AWS certified; ideally Solutions Architect
* Experience with:

* Modular AWS serverless architectures
* Loosely coupled restful data architectures through APIs
* Low code solutions to reducing the overhead of managing a scalable bespoke online learning environment