Ref: JC04_1667292122

Monitoring Engineer

Netherlands, North Holland

  • Up to €75,000 EUR
  • SysOps Role
  • Skills: AWS, Linux, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Bamboo, Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Monitoring Engineer


Monitoring Engineer

Location: Amsterdam or the closest client to location of your choice

To keep it short and sweet: There will be a great need in the blocks for support of Dev-Ops team training during and after the transformation. The main focus will be on supporting monitoring capabilities within the Dev-Ops teams (blocks). The Monitoring Engineer is able to support and coach the blocks in their trainer and coach role based on a thorough knowledge of and practical experience with the monitoring capabilities within the bank. He / she thereby not only provides the substantive knowledge about monitoring, but is also able to assist the blocks in transferring and embedding this knowledge in the blocks. The Monitoring Engineer therefore also helps with the actual implementation of the monitoring instruments in the grid and increasing the monitoring maturity within the blocks.

You will be in charge of:

* Supporting and advising on the choice of available monitoring solutions
* Contributing knowledge about the goal, benefits and the concept of Continuous Monitoring based on the guidelines from theCoE / Owners of monitoring products
* Explaining how monitoring fits within Dev-Ops Culture, organization and roles
* Facilitate teams in their adoption of various monitoring tools and methods
* Provide training and / or facilitate workshops

It is amazing if you have:

* Minimum 5 years of hands-on experience in end2end managing (large) IT environments, preferably in a banking environment
* Extensive knowledge of and affinity with the DevOps way of working
* Familiar in managing AWS infrastructure
* Relevant knowledge and experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous delivery, Continuous deployments and Continuous Monitoring
* Relevant knowledge and experience of various monitoring tools such as AppDynamics, Tivoli, Splunk, CloudWatch, OMS, BSM
* Hands-on experience with Linux and any other public cloud platform is an advantage

Bonus to your skills:

* You have train-the-trainer and coach-the-coach skills
* You have a good command of the Dutch and/or English language

Company profile:

* One of the leading DevOps Consultancy in the World (Yes, exactly: WORLD!), who host annual international DevOps conference here in The Netherlands
* they are working with concepts, because they do not care about technology, because they play with so many, they care mainly about approach by bringing experimenting and growth mindset
* They challenging themselves with travelling to Finland on a party boat and bring on board Nordic work-life balance culture.

Good news is if you are still reading, then you already like this opportunity! Apply today!