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Fullstack Javascript Developer - Sustainability company


  • SEK 60,000 to SEK 61,000 SEK
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: Fullstack Developer
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Fullstack Javascript Developer - Sustainability company


This company wants to contribute to a better world by maximising the reuse of used IT equipment and in a sustainable way giving people access to IT to develop themselves and their environment.

The impact of IT equipment on the climate must be minimised and more products must be reused instead of being sent for recycling.

For 25 years, This company has globally led the way to increase the reuse of IT products. We are a global market leader within ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) with 150 employees. They deliver and buy from more than 90 countries and together with our partners we continue to make a difference all around the globe.

Their Swedish office is based in Taby however most of their team work remotely and they have complete flexibility here - they even have a team member moving to the south of Asia.

Technical breakdown:

* Node, TypeScript, GraphQL, SQL - in a nutshell

* The ideal candidate is somebody who has a long history working in IT - somebody who understand how businesses work and perhaps has a very broad, technical background relating to buisness applications. They see less expeirenced developers who have only ever worked on greenfield systems are perhaps not as great as a fit as they won't understand the complexity of integrating new features and designs around legacy code.

* They have build all of their own internal systems and interfaces which is where the majority of the work will be. These extremely complex systems will do everything from using software to 'raze' the data, upload to a batch database, verification, provide data and erasure reports etc - every single system must work in tandem with one another meaning candidates should have a good understanding of databases, legacy systems and how to build new greenfield solutions onto this.

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