A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: HF 03/02/23_1696759202

Scala & Java Fullstack Developer


Job description

Scala & Java Fullstack Developer

HF 03/02/23_1696759202

Job Description

Customer service company (Product company) with a large amount of energetic and motivated professionals. You would be working within a positive company culture that encourages individualism, ownership of responsibilities, and of course teamwork. The reason for hiring is their product has a larger demand and they want introduce more developers of all levels with a knowledge of Functional programming and a modern Front end language knowledge.

Role & Responsibilities

* Modern Tech Stacks
* Micro services Architecture on AWS
* Solving complex problems with insightful solutions

Skills & Qualifications

* Scala/Java
* Typescript, react
* Git, Linux


* Pension
* Phone and computer
* Bonus scheme