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Sr Data Engineer

USA, District of Columbia

Job description

Sr Data Engineer

Fully Remote_1697809864

My client is a small startup company that is the source of truth for patent intelligence! They provide SaaS platforms that correlate multiple data sets (patent, financial, and market data) using supervised deep learning, in order to answer fundamental questions related to patent and innovation strategy.

They are on the hunt for a Senior Data Engineer to assist in creating a 2.0 version of their existing platform. This includes developing a fresh front end driven by new algorithms and building scalable data science models that leverage data from diverse sources such as patents, financial data, and personnel information.

Top Requirements:

* 3-5 years of extensive experience as a data engineer in the AWS ecosystem, encompassing structured and unstructured data, scalable computing, and real-time processing.
* Proficiency in complex SQL queries and data correlation analysis.
* Deep familiarity with AWS tools like RedShift, Glue, and other resources for distributed computing. Substantial expertise in multi-modal databases and ETL pipelines, including graph databases.

If interested, please send me a message or an email at: e.gardner@jeffersonfrank.com