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AWS Fullstack Dev - Serverless - 5000€ & 4 Days Remote

Belgium, Antwerp

  • 4500 to 5000 EUR
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: AWS Lambda, Node.js, Typescript, Javascript
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

AWS Fullstack Dev - Serverless - 5000€ & 4 Days Remote


Serverless Developer

4500€ - 5000€
Software Application


3/4 Days Remote Work

This company offers a popular application that helps everyone with something that we all love… photographs! The application offers to the users the possibility to print their digital moments, send them as a gift, print them with special messages added, choose from a variety of fun formats, and have them delivered at any location - always following the most environmentally friendly solutions.

You might think, "Pff, I don't need an app, I have my phone for that". Okay, let me ask, how often do you actually print your photos, how many times have you turned your best moments into priceless memories? I guess that most of your best moments are sitting in your phone album forgotten together with a thousand other ones. So, yeah, this application offers something new, challenging, and popular!

Why should a Developer join them?

1 They focus on using serverless technologies, which is really interesting and popular to work with. They architect everything around it in a fully modern way, offering a real challenge to the developers. The developer we're looking for will have the opportunity to design the architecture and set the project from the beginning to the end, taking full ownership.

1 They follow a unique new approach, improving the UX part with lots of A.I, and everything runs on serverless fashion; that's a combination that no other company has done so far.
2 They have a really fun team and company culture. Proof of that is that people like going to work from the office, even if they always have 3-4 days of remote work flexibility.

Technical Requirements

* Frontend: Javascript/Typescript - any of the frontend JS frameworks are welcome
* Backend: js
* Experience with AWS Lambda (serverless) and IaC

* Including strong experience with setting CICD Pipelines from scratch

* Fluency in English

What they offer

* Monthly gross salary between 4500 - 5000 euros
* Monthly Net allowance between 100 - 200 euros, tailored to the seniority level
* Meal Vouchers 8 euros/day
* Work remotely 3 or even 4 days per week
* All the necessary equipment you'll need
* Eco-cheques
* Possibility to get a company car if you want one


Reach out to me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos, at or Better Call Paul at +3228081878 and I'll bring you in touch with the company! It's a 2-stage hiring process and then you receive an offer.