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Interim Full Stack Developer - Finnish Speaking


Job Description

Interim Full Stack Developer - Finnish Speaking


While the Permanent team find the person to become an employee I am looking for a freelancer to cover the workload.

If you are interested in this gig to become an employee at our client please contact William -

We are working with an elite consultancy in Helsinki that are looking for exceptional talent to join their growing team. They're currently looking to hire Developers, DevOps specialists, architects, cloud architects and test automation engineers with willingness and ability for hands-on development.

Their technology stacks mainly focus on:

*React > AngularJS > Angular > Vue > Node

*Java(& Spring) > Python > C#/.NET > Scala, Kotlin, PHP, Clojure etc

*AWS > Azure > GCP

*React Native > Native > Flutter

*Docker, serverless (AWS Lambdas, Azure functions etc), Kubernetes, Terraform, other message queues

To apply, chit apply on the job advert or email me direct to John