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Senior Java Developer - Lierbyen


Job Description

Senior Java Developer - Lierbyen


Full stack Java Developer

Are you ready for a new challenge and are wanting to work with the latest technology? How about being a part of an active team that recognises the value of having a good work / life balance and the importance of a good working environment? Then don't miss your chance, apply now!

Job description -

As a Full stack Developer focused in Java you will be working as a part of a busy team, working both front and back end of the application. You must be able to speak fluent Norwegian and have extensive knowledge in Java and developing and be passionate about all aspects of the jobs. You must also be outgoing, social and have good communication skills and have goals to progress within your career. An annual plan will be made for each consultant with their manager, developing their consultants is a big part of their company of which they invest a lot of time and money.

Desired skills -

* Java
* JavaEE
* Spring
* Hibernate
* Javascript
* Angular
* React
* Redux

Benefits -

This company offers incredible benefits, some of which include working with the latest technology, 3D printers and hacking toys. The company is always trying to maintain the positive environment by having exciting activities and planning annual trips away as well as seminars and conferences to attend. They also care for their employees and have apartments that are available to rent to employees as well as having the company invest time and money into you and your career development. As well as all this, there is also a bonus each May that is based on the company's earnings.

Salary is competitive + bonus based on company's earnings.