Ref: Data Design/ Develop_1610475685

GCP Data Design/ Developer

USA, Pennsylvania

Job description

GCP Data Design/ Developer

Data Design/ Develop_1610475685

● The Healthcare API Designer/Developer (Data Architect) for this project will have
○ working with Google's Healthcare API.
○ working in HIPAA compliant environments with PHI data.
○ with EHR healthcare data standards (HL7, FHIR, DICOM, etc.).
○ with big data concepts (i.e. analysis, extraction, schema, lineage, etc.) for
complex and large data sets.
○ using GCP Data & Analytics services (Cloud Storage, Big Query, Cloud
Composer, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataproc, Data Catalog, and
○ with Apigee and API Gateway Management.
○ with REST API development.
○ data wrangling with Python, GO, SQL, or R using JupyterLab notebooks.
○ with microservice applications and cloud-based services.
○ with data lake concepts for landing, refining, and analyzing data.
○ developing canonical data models (for example: conformed dimensions) for
○ migrating large data sets from on-prem to cloud environments.
○ developing data pipelines for large-scale ETL transformations.

● Have a strong understanding/background in Health IT/Health and Life Sciences.
● Be the subject matter expert for Google Healthcare API work within Healthcare
● Deliver cloud data architecture projects for the Healthcare customer Data
Chassis program.
● Deliver high-level architecture design documents for Healthcare customer
● Develop detailed-level design requirements for architecture implementations.
● Work with Healthcare customer to understand and develop their target cloud data
architecture needs.
● Assess an organization's current data architecture and readiness for
implementing cloud technologies.
● Work internally to develop delivery guides, assessments, and common
architecture patterns for cloud architecture projects.
● Work with cloud engineers and developers on engagements to deliver end-toend
solutions for Healthcare customer.
● Deliver projects around cloud security, governance, and other foundational
aspects of cloud computing.