Ref: DTGW456FG_1634908935

Senior DevOps Engineer

USA, North Carolina

Job description

Senior DevOps Engineer


This is the first company to bridge the gap between modern mobility companies and cities, building digital tools in open source that make it possible to create and enforce transportation policies digitally. They are a leading provider of digital tools that allow cities to create, communicate, and enforce dynamic transportation policies.

Senior DevOps Engineer - Fully Remote - up to $180k

The company is looking for a DevOps/Platform Engineer with experience in operating large-scale systems. As the company grows to a global scale, it will be dealing with issues involving multi-tenancy installations, managing customer SLAs, and staying ahead of a rapidly evolving platform.

You will be responsible for provisioning and managing both customer-facing production and development environments. As the company takes on new customers and grows its infrastructure, your goals will include refining our monitoring and alerting systems, helping migrate from a regional to an edge-based architecture, and improving our CI/CD pipelines.

Role & Responsibilities

* Develop automation for provisioning a scalable infrastructure for the company's services and applications onto multiple cloud providers.
* Build monitoring and alerting to ensure quick response to issues, proactively respond.
* Work with engineering in design decisions such as tool and library choices.
* Manage integrations of third-party services such as authentication providers.
* Troubleshooting and root-cause analysis of outages and other operational problems.
* Use of software engineering tools such as source-control for managing IaC.
* Develop process and tooling for continuous integration and deployment.

Skills & Qualifications

* 5+ years of experience in a DevOps or Platform Engineer position.
* 2+ years of hands-on experience with Kubernetes container orchestration.
* Experience developing and provisioning highly scalable, highly reliable infrastructures.
* Strong writing skills - able to compose informative and actionable tickets, write quality documentation.
* Disciplined understanding of monitoring and alerting - know what's important while avoiding fatigue/overload in the on-call staff.
* Experience troubleshooting distributed systems.
* Experience working with continuous integration & deployment pipelines.
* Familiarity with some IaaS automation (CloudFormation, Terraform, et al).


* Fully Remote
* Competitive salary up to $180k base
* Equity
* Full benefits package
* Unlimited PTO