Ref: DATAENG2022_1651140950

Data Engineer

England, London

Job description

Data Engineer


Data Engineer - London - £90K annually

Roles And Responsibilities:

You'll be an engineer first, working daily with Python, but focused on data, building a proprietary data platform that exposes the causal drivers hidden in data. Some of your responsibilities will include:

* Engineering a data platform integrated with our causal AI techniques
* Managing the data loading, processing and delivery process
* Enabling data partners and vendors to deliver their data through our platform
* Working with platform and delivery teams to meet their and their customer's data needs

Job Requirements:

* 2+ years of experience in a Data engineering role
* Strong Experience of ETL and data pipelines
* Strong experience with Python in a data setting
* Good experience with data storage solutions, RDBMS, Parquet and other noSQL solutions
* Experience with big data processing, familiarity with tools such as Spark, Databricks and Snowflake would be ideal.
* Understanding of full stack application development and knowing how data is used in analytical applications will be beneficial
* Strong Knowledge of the software development lifecycle (code review, version control, tooling, testing, etc.)

The selected applicant could earn up to £90,000.
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