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Software Developer - AgriTech - 100% Remote

Belgium, Flemish Brabant

Job description

Software Developer - AgriTech - 100% Remote


Fullstack Developer


Do you want to contribute to environmental sustainability and make a positive impact through your work as a Software Developer? By joining this company, you join a team that aims to solve the challenge of the increasing demand of food & vegetables, caused by the increase of global population.

A spin-off software company from the KU Leuven, that specializes in the AgriTech industry, optimizing the storage and commercialization process of food and vegetables in agriculture. By improving the preservation of the fruits and vegetables using the principles of dynamic control atmosphere, they massively contribute to the reduction of food waste.

The role & requirements

It's a SaaS model that they offer to customers on a yearly subscription base, helping them realize how the quality of the food changes, how to improve their storage (organic long-term without chemicals and with saving energy) etc. They host everything on remote servers, so, no cloud skills needed from you.

You'll do some data analysis and preparation for customer-specific needs, and you'll be expected to help with the implementation of mathematical models and some artificial intelligence.

You'll be the founding developer, so this is a highly important role that will also help you evolve into a Tech Lead, as the team will be built around you. Lots of growth potential and rewards.

We're looking for, at least, two years of relevant experience with:

* Python or Node.js for thebackend

* The scientific and data algorithms are written in Python, and integrated in Node.js

* React.js for the frontend. If you do Vue.js instead, still fine!
* Rest API
* And fluency in English

Bonus Points (= nice to have, not mandatory)

* Nice if you have experience with Kubernetes, Docker, and MQTT

Reasons why you should apply

* You will have a lot of impact to the company which translates to having flexibility on the technical side and how to do things. It's an open canvas for you to create. You hold the keys to the product, you tell them what to do and how, not them!
* You will contribute to the food sustainability that is directly linked to environmental sustainability, and you'll make a positive impact.

Salary & Benefits

* Monthly gross salary up to 4000€ - 4500€ - tailored with a flexible income plan.
* Flexible with remote work -> you work fully remotely, and you're flexible to meet with your team and colleagues two times per month in either Leuven or Hasselt, depends on which place is the most convenient for you. Of course, that means you need to live permanently in Belgium. We cannot consider candidates who don't live in Belgium.
* All the standard fringe benefits given in Belgium, such as Health Insurance, Net Allowance, Meal Vouchers, Internet Subscription, Lease Car etc.

Hiring Process

Easy and smooth, can take 1 week only.

* 1st Interview - Get to know with the two Founders
* 2nd Interview - Technical interview
* Offer!


Pavlos Diamantopoulos at with your updated CV.