Ref: AWSInfra111120_1605108624

AWS Infrastructure Engineer - Product Development - up to 75k

Belgium, Antwerp

  • 55000 to 75000 EUR
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: Terraform, Puppet, Ansible, Datadog, Gitlab, Jenkins, AWS Codepipeline, AWSCodeDeploy
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

AWS Infrastructure Engineer - Product Development - up to 75k


AWS Infrastructure Engineer
Site Reliability Environment
In-House Product Development
Antwerp Area
€55000 - €73000

This organization specializes in making the lives of people better. First, they created an amazing product that revolutionized the driving experience for millions of drivers globally. Now, they are launching a new product which is a global services platform that aims at bringing together like-minded people who share the same passions.
So, if you want to be part of something new, something great and something lucrative, this is your chance.

Soft Skills Requirements
Being a good cultural fit is more important than being a good technical fit, that's why the Soft Skills are above the Hard Skills here. As you'll be part of an international team with a strong work ethic, you're expected to have the virtues of grit, integrity, and respect. You're also motivated, eager to improve yourself and help your team become better too with your creative mind and your energetic mentality.

Technical Requirements
* You are a genuine fan of Linux and have extensive experience with scripting and automation.
* You are experienced with Amazon Web Services (EC2, Storage Services etc)
* You are experienced with Configuration Management (Terraform/Puppet/Ansible etc)
* You have experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools (Gitlab, Jenkins, AWS Codepipeline/CodeDeploy etc)
* Since you'll join the SRE team, it's good to have experience with Monitoring Frameworks
Nice Bonus Points
* Experience with Microservices and Orchestrators.
* Programming skills in either Java, Python or both!
* Good grasp of SQL databases.

Salary, Benefits & Allowances
In addition to the opportunity to join an international team of specialists that manage to maintain a start-up mentality in their modern office, you may also expect an agile and flat company culture, full of growth opportunities, free coffee, and lots of food. Also, the following:
* Yearly gross salary range from €55000 for Mid-level up to, approximately, €73000 for Senior-level. On top of this salary, you get the following:
* Monthly representation allowance of €100 net.
* Meal Vouchers (8€/day) & Eco Vouchers (250€/year)
* Laptop & Smart Phone + Internet subscription (50€/month)
* Mobility allowance. It's an in-house role so there is no lease car provided.
* Start with 20 days of paid vacation and you get +2 for every year you work there for the first three years. The extra ADV holidays (+10/year) come on top of these 20 days offered by the company.
* Monthly phone subscription.
* Health & Group Insurance.

Application Process
Reach out to me, Pavlos Diamantopoulos for a guaranteed interview with the hiring managers. I'll help you build a strong application and go all the way to the end and the employment offer. There are some questions provided by the company that need to be answered as part of the screening process that will determine whether or not you'll be invited. Better Call Paul at +32 2 808 1878 or write to my email at