Ref: 9223OIC_1675930675

OIC Specialist - Denmark Remote

Denmark, Copenhagen Municipality

Job description

OIC Specialist - Denmark Remote


A project which aims to replace the current STADS - a study administrative system for handling (among other things) all university students in Denmark. The system is expected to be implemented at 7 of the country's 8 universities, as AU is not involved in this project.

The purpose of this assignment is to assign a senior consultant with extensive experience primarily in Oracle's OIC platform as a resource to the integration team in the project. The consultant must be able to advise on "best practice" within all aspects regarding the development of required national integrations for New SIS and also participate actively in the development of the same.

Task description

Will be based on a standard system, the task regarding implementation and future operation has been put out to tender, where 3 suppliers have made an offer. This entire undertaking must be handled by an external supplier.

Must be able to integrate with various external authorities, agencies etc. Examples include the SU Agency, KOT and Statistics Denmark. This task is not part of the main contract and must be handled internally in the project.

The team responsible for developing these integrations common to the 7 universities must be given additional specific skills regarding the development of integrations in general, and in particular development via the chosen integration platform "OIC" (Oracle Integration Cloud).

The consultant must have expert-level experience with the following:

* General technical knowledge of all Oracle products regarding integrations
* Setup and configuration of OIC in OCI
* Setting up OIC monitoring in OCI
* Development of integrations using Oracle's products, primarily OIC
* Advice on best practice when developing integrations using Oracle's products, primarily OIC
* Best practice within DevOps procedures
* PL/SQL and SQL
* Development via Oracle APEX (JavaScript)

It is an advantage if the supplier's consultant can show examples of projects where these skills have been used.

The consultant would very much like to be able to demonstrate certifications within several of Oracle's technologies such as cloud-based database, infrastructure, etc. - such as:

- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Architect Professional

- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Architect Associate

- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Enterprise Workloads Certified Associate

- Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist

- Oracle certified Technology Architect

The consultant must also be 100% fluent in English.

It is not expected that the consultant will appear physically, as the task can be solved 100% virtually.

In order to avoid an extra heavy expense in relation to GDPR etc., the task must be carried out within the borders of the EU, i.e. the consultant must be resident within the EU and have a work permit in the EU.

The task's organizational framework

The consultant will report 100% of the tasks to the project manager of the integration team in the New SIS project.

Number of expected hours

Start-up will be mid or end of February 2023 and last a minimum of 3 months and a maximum until October 2024 with an expected 50% allocation at start-up increasing to 100% allocation at the end. The allocation percentage is evaluated continuously and is fixed for 3 months at a time.

Depending on the final complexity of the task, it must be possible to extend the duration of the consultant's association with the project.

The customer expects the following total number of hours of 1,600.00 for the one in point 2 described task.